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ISSUE #13 ~ 2011-12-22

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Merry Christmas from Takapuna Art Supplies

Hi , welcome to issue #13 of the Tasart newsletter. We would like to take a breather and thank all of our customers and suppliers local and abroad, who continue to support us and encourage us and make wonderful suggestions on how to improve our product range available to artists in New Zealand. This has been another busy year for us in the shop, online and in our studios but it's always a pleasure to slow down, share and hear what are customers and friends are creating in their studios or on film....anything creative!

This year we were lucky to have Graham Downs join Takapuna Art Supplies; a professional artist with over 40 years of experience in drawing and painting. Wow, what a great asset who not only is charming but has the product knowledge to boot. We would also like to acknowledge and congratulate Julie Freeman on her successes. Julie has received a lot of national recognition with her pastel work this year and is becoming quite the star.

Personally, we have had a big year with a move to the country where we have just finished our second studio. Well, nearly. Over the next couple of weeks, Jim and I will be picking up the big brush, painting the walls and ceiling in our new space where we will be able to hold the occasional workshop.

Auckland Art Studio

We will continue to hold The Workshop in our shop studio, in the new year and have thoroughly enjoyed all the 2011 sessions, practicing our skills in the company of some talented local artists.

Some of the work produced over the past 12 months...

We hope you have a great Christmas and healthy, happy New Year.

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Thanks again,
Sandy, Jim, Julie, and Graham
Takapuna Art Supplies


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This newsletter was written by Sandy Collins on 2011-12-22

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