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ISSUE #21 ~ 2012-11-23

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Hi , welcome to issue #21 of the Tasart newsletter. We've been a bit remiss in sending our newsletters out over the past few months, but we're now back on track with some exciting tutorials planned for the new year. In addition to importing new products that have never before been available in New Zealand, we've also been busy over the last several months building a new studio at our home. Although there are a few bits to tidy up, we're in it most nights painting, drawing or just hanging out. Our hope is to host some international artists and hold some workshops in our two spaces. Our last Saturday Painting Group will meet in Takapuna on the 1st of December. Everyone is welcome to join us on our regular Saturday sessions and if you're a beginner, there are many of us who can guide you. We will also be starting a regular Drawing Group in the new year, with shorter poses, and we'll let you know all the details in the new year.

Our New International Papers

Some of our new products introduced this year are a selection of beautiful papers from around the world. Each time we make an order we are adding to our selection, so feel free and to stop by the shop and look through our samples and make suggestions.

To see our full range of papers, please visit our paper department.

Cleaning Your Oil Palette

If you're painting in your studio with oils, we recommend using a glass palette. Glass is non-staining and easy to clean. You can also slip white or colored paper underneath, depending on how you want your paint mix to look on whatever colored ground you're working on.

The easiest way to clean your glass palette is when your paint is still wet. Remove as much paint as possible with a palette knife. Using Art Spectrum Art Clean, pour a small amount on a paper towel, and it's done. That easy. If you've let your paint completely dry in between painting sessions, us a paint scraper (the type with a razor blade) to scrape your palette clean.

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Product Spotlight

Art Clean is perfect for all applications in the studio such as cleaning brushes, palettes, hands as well as a large range of household applications. Fragrant Art Clean is made from a blend of natural extracts. Colour and aroma variation is natural. Art Clean contains no petroleum based solvents and no harmful bleaches.

Setting Up & Cleaning Your Acrylic Palette

If you're painting with acrylics, we recommend that you use an enamel butcher tray. These enamel trays are non-staining, easy to clean and last a lifetime. Jim and I are both still using our trays from art school and Jim's was a hand-me-down from the head of the department at Art Center (so it's ancient!).

The best way to set up your palette is to quarter a paper towel and dip it or run it under a water source, leaving most of the water in the towel. The saturated paper towel fits perfectly on the side of the enamel tray. Depending on the air temperature, the paint you place on the wet towel will last several days without drying out. The tray itself is a perfect bright white, mixing area. You can keep the paint in your mixing area wet by spritzing your paint mixtures with a spray retarder like the Liquitex Palette Spray.

The easiest way to clean your enamel butcher tray is to wipe it clean with a damp paper towel while the paint is still wet. But, unique to this palette, if your paint dries to a hard film, all you have to do it fill the tray with luke warm water and the paint releases like a skin. The palette remains like new.

Product Spotlight

le stig

Our butcher trays come in two different sizes. They are slightly convex, so any unwanted liquid flows to the sides and away from your mix. Liquitex makes a 'Wetting Spray' which is a retarder that comes in a convenient light mist, spray bottle. You can also make your own mister by mixing equal parts of retarder to water. Or, if you prefer a slow dry gel, both Winsor & Newton and Liquitex make one.

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Until next time,
Sandy and Jim,
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This newsletter was written by Sandy Collins on 2012-11-23

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