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ISSUE #25 ~ 2017-05-31

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Hi , welcome to issue #25 of the Tasart newsletter.

Selling Your Artwork, Worldwide

We hope you will join us for an evening with Nick Fedaeff on the 8th of June, starting at 6:30pm in our studio, Auckland Atelier. In this 2 hour seminar, Nick will share some successful strategies for art marketing both in New Zealand and abroad.

Topics will include:

  • An overview of the New Zealand art market including art shows, galleries and online services
  • An overview on the Australian art market including all of the above plus artist residencies
  • How to get into the Asian, American and European markets including residencies, fairs, galleries and mobile art shows and dealers
  • What is an Art Agency?
  • How to build your business through online sales
  • Posting your artwork overseas
  • How to price your work and deal with international taxes
  • How to better self promote though social media and in print
  • Q & A

Nick will share his experiences selling his artwork worldwide.

Tickets are on sale at our Atelier Website.

About Nick

Nick Fedaeff is a New Zealand artist who exhibits internationally. He is currently travelling around the world and painting in different spaces.

Nick's art is truly global with a quality and originality appreciated, worldwide. To date he has held successful exhibitions in Switzerland and Hong Kong, he was a resident artist in Germany and he is represented by several well known galleries in Australia and New Zealand.

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Thanks again,
Sandy and Jim
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This newsletter was written by Sandy Collins on 2017-05-31

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