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ISSUE #27 ~ 2017-08-31

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Hi , welcome to issue #27 of the Tasart newsletter.

Painting the Costumed Figure

September 27 - 29 (3 Days)

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Instructor: Jim Auckland

Price: NZD $150.00

Looking to develop your painting skills?

In this three day workshop, veteran instructor Jim Auckland will guide you through everything you need to know when tackling the complex subject of a full length portrait in costume.

In this class you will examine how gravity, tension and underlying forms influence the folds in drapery. You will learn how to create convincing form and atmosphere through structured tones and edge transitions. Experiment with expressive use of colour and brushwork. And, above all, focus on how to unite everything together with a strongly designed composition that is unique to your individual outlook as an artist.

Students will work from the live model in a single pose over the course of the workshop. Instruction will be through demonstration, short talks and extensive one-on-one advice.

Previous painting and drawing experience is recommended.

Topics covered will include:

  • A working procedure
  • Composition
  • Tonal arrangement
  • Drapery structure & the laws of folds
  • Managing movement in the pose
  • Rendering
  • Simplification
  • Edge design
  • Brushwork
  • How to bring a work to a 'finished' state


Easels, Drawing Horses and Drawing Boards will be provided


Please bring a pre-prepared canvas, or other painting support, and whatever painting and sketching supplies you are most comfortable using.

Please make your booking on our Atelier Website.

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Thanks again,
Sandy and Jim
Takapuna Art Supplies


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