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ISSUE #28 ~ 2017-10-05

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Hi , welcome to issue #28 of the Tasart newsletter.

We are happy to announce that in early 2018, we will be hosting three Master Classes with U.S. artists, William Maughan and Pamela Caughey right here in our Takapuna Studio.

Some of you may recognize William Maughan's best selling book, The Artist's Complete Guide to Drawing the Head.

In addition to William Maughan teaching a Portrait and Figure Drawing Workshop, there is a second workshop where he will be taking 12 students out on location for a Master Class in Plein Air Pastel.

William Maughan is currently the Graduate Director, School of Illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and a professional illustrator and fine artist.

Pamela Caughey specializes in four mediums: cold wax/oil, encaustic, encaustic monotype and mixed media. Pamela's Powerful Design, Personal Color in Cold Wax workshop will show you how you can blur the lines between oil painting and encaustic painting with the popular Cold Wax Medium techniques. She specializes in helping artists find their unique, creative voice by condensing into a 4 or 5 days workshop, what she taught during a 13 week university level course in the fundamentals of 2D design and color. This workshop is for ANY artist who asks, "what's next?", "now what?", and "is it finished?"

Portrait and Figure Drawing Workshop with William Maughan

January 8 - 12

Plein Air Pastel with William Maughan

January 15 - 19

Powerful Design, Personal Color in Cold Wax and Oil Painting with Pamela Caughey

February 11 - 15 and February 18 - 22

For more information and to make your bookings, please visit our Atelier Website.

New Zealand residents receive a 10% discount on these workshops.

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Thanks again,
Sandy and Jim
Takapuna Art Supplies


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This newsletter was written by Sandy Collins on 2017-10-05

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