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ISSUE #35 ~ 2018-11-12

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In the Studios of the Old Masters

Run by Guests of the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Arts

18 - 24 March 2019 (7 days)

9am - 5pm

Medium: Oils

Level: All Levels

Course Fee: $795.00

Lead by guest instructor Lea Vaughn of The Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art

Lea will take you through the stages of painting in the tradition of the old masters in this seven day course. Working from a selected study, you will learn the specific step-by-step process to gain a clear understanding of the principles of oil painting, and the best techniques and materials to use. This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience. You will choose from images provided. At the end you take home your own master copy as well as the step-by-step knowledge of the process.

About the Instructor:

Lea is an award winning American artist born in 1972. In her youth she was always transfixed with representational art and followed that interest by enrolling in programmes at Brenau College in the US and Carnegie College in Scotland. Through years of art education being encouraged to explore progressively looser interpretations of art, Lea kept finding herself returning again and again to the ideals of representational art and the purity of blending strong technical skills with creativity. Her main area of interest lay in figurative works and portraiture. She joined the Edinburgh Atelier in 2013 and teaches classes and workshops both in Scotland and internationally.

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