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ISSUE #37 ~ 2019-08-27

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The Secret Belgian Binding, more formally known as the Crisscross Binding, is a non-adhesive book structure developed by Belgian bookbinder Anne Goy in the 80's and is noted for its striking pattern of lacing the front and back covers to a floating spine. It is an excellent choice for sketchbooks and artist books as the pages lay flat. Additionally, much creativity can be shown through the choice of thread and covering material, resulting in bindings that are both visually interesting and incredibly versatile. Covered in this workshop are many basics of bookbinding including paper types, folding, paper grain, stitching, as well as important tools such as paper folders, Japanese screw punches, awls, needles, and thread. Materials and tools will be provided eg prepared book covers and spines, paper for pages, waxed linen thread, needles, etc . This is a non-adhesive workshop. Participants may also bring their own materials and tools.

28 - 29 September 2019 (2 days)

9am - 4pm

Level: All Levels

Instructor: Terrie Reddish

Workshop Fee: $160.00

At the end of the one day workshop you will leave with your own beautiful handmade book and instructions to enable you to work on your own projects at home. This workshop is suitable for complete beginners as well as those with some experience in bookbinding.

To make a booking, please visit Auckland Atelier

About the Instructor:

Terrie uses restored tools and vintage equipment to create unique art, fine press books, broadsheets and prints. Her artwork is often three dimensional and loosely based on book structures. Paper is her main medium. It might be book board, marbled paper, Japanese tissue paper, handmade or recycled paper . Tyvek and Kraft-tex occasionally make an appearance, although they are not technically 'paper'' Gold foil, fabric and leather feature as well.

"I am inspired by nature but I also love the play of words, the shapes and negative spaces of letters and the third dimension of printing and book binding."

Terrie's journey into the art world started in 2002 when she began drawing with coloured pencils. Within a short time her largely self-taught skills focused on depicting botanically accurate New Zealand native flora. She was awarded a gold medal at the Royal Horticultural Society's December 2008 Show. The RHS's Lindley Library purchased one of her gold-medal drawings for its teaching library. Dr Shirley Sherwood, the world's leading collector of botanical art, added one of Terrie's medal winning drawings to her comprehensive private collection of twentieth century contemporary botanical art and the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation in America has another in it's collection.

Terrie has studied bookbinding overseas with Don Glaister, Coleen Curry, Dominic Riley, Michael Burke, Fred Pohlmann, Joy and John Tonkin. She also delivers pencil drawing and bookbinding workshops nationally.

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