Amazing pencils

These pencils are amazing and have so many colors that are very vibrant

Excellent for Botanical Watercolour Painting

I am using this for Botanical work. It can stand lots of water, it's strong and can stand some scrubbing without damage. Would recommend.
hi Can you tell me if you need a dedicated oven to put this in. Will it harm your regular oven etc
(produce is premo sculpey
Hi Susan,
This product is safe to use in your household oven.

mix ratio

is this a powder or something that you mix with water?
is the working mixture quite thin and is it easy to get the bubbles out from mixing?

Prisma color Pencils


Just placing my first order for pencils. I am working through the book Tangle Journeys by Beckah Krahula. She recomends Prismacolor pencils to work with and you are the only place I have found in NZ that sells them.

Donna Brythe

Great pencils

These pencils have smooth, vibrant colours, and are great for layering - perfect for creating depth in pictures

Brilliant Pens!

In love with this pen and the strokes I can create with it. Shall be buying more with Xmas money for sure!

Best colouring pencils ever

I was thrilled to find these at Takapuna Art Supplies, and I'm so very happy with my purchase. They are an absolute joy to colour with, so smooth and highly pigmented, and they blend beautifully.
Hi Margaret,
I'm sorry, but the green has been discontinued.
How could you not love this


Love the way you have caught the pose of the horse and the shadowing across its body is just perfect. I love the whole image, it is part of the story it tells
Hello, if I am ordering 10 sheets of 3.5mm book board online can I add 1 2.5mm to my online order to try? I am not too sure whether 2.5mm will be sturdy enough for the or it may be.

Many thanks
Hi Bee,
If you want to place another order, online, choose the 'pick up' option so there is no shipping charge and we will combine the two orders.

This is not turpentine

This is not turpentine. It is mislabeled. It is petroleum and white spirit...which I am allergic to.
If I could give it negative stars I would-purely for the misleading name.

2.5 card

How many can I buy if I come into the store
Hi Stuart, We only have a minimum order for online sales, so you can purchase singles in the shop.
Best regards, Sandy
Hi Esther,
If you can email us with the colors that you'd like, we can order them in for you. They are the same price as the Copic Standard Markers; $12.50.
Any chance you'll be selling Copic sketch markers and refills in the future?
Probably one of the nicest mechanical pencils to use for any purpose.
Hi Darren,
The empty cases come in 12, 36 and 72. If you can bump your order up to 36 custom colors, we throw in the case at no charge.

Copic Standard Marker Pen Sets

Can you help me out, Im looking to get around 24 pens custom colours is there a set l can get. If so is there a rough price for that.
Thanks Darren

modelling water effects

I stippled this onto a painted surface, that had also had several layers of Envirotex-Lite previously applied. It dried with a nice clear wrinkly surface effecting water ripples. Excellent

Easy to Use.

Super Sculpey is very easy to use. I am surprised how easy it is to model. I have yet to experiment with baking it tho'
It is quite expensive for how far it goes but as a modelling medium that can be baked and the item is actually made,it is fabulous, does away with moulds and pouring slip.
Whew and it's fun. Just expensive bu7t deserves to be.
Hi Denise,
Yes. Please order one of the Standard sets of 12 and list the colors you'd like instead in the special instruction field during checkout.

Set v my choice

Hi, can I 12 markers of my own choice for the same price as a 12 Set pack? Denise


The product you suggest for food safe molds is out of stock will you be getting more or is there an alternative? Thanks

table cloth

Good price

Black sugar paper

Excellent website and best source of what we wanted for our Art Society

Lovely brushes

These brushes are lovely to handle in The sumi style painting. As a beginner of this style i found these a valuable tool in my art arsenal.
Hi Julia,
Yes, we can order it in from an overseas supplier. Please phone us if you'd like us to do that for you. 489 7213
Wonderful colours of sea and sky

oil painting video

wow! terrific alla prima style, very rich in colors. has an art center feel, really nice. I never went, but I studied exensively with Karl Gnass, Glenn Vilppu, and Gary Meyer.
Can you get Moulin de Gue paper please

Shipping Scalpel Blades

Hi Betsy,
As these are surgical blades, we are unable to put them in the regular post. You can choose the $5.00 satchel option for shipping however, as we can wrap them in cardboard before putting them in the courier bag.

Shipping concern

I understand, from your website, that you will charge me $13.70 to send me 10 #11 single blades. This would easily fit inside an envelope and mailed for about $1.50. This is keeping me from purchasing. Is this cost negotiable?

Bonnies review!

Very nice,loveit!!! sculpey and takapuna Rocks!!!!!! :o)
Hi Al,
No we don't, but if you email us with the product description, I can probably order them in for you. Or, at least get back to you with a price.

Primo elite grande

Do you stock primo ellite grande's or the deluxe set?
Hi Bron,
For Landscape, you may be better off choosing your own colors. We will charge the same set price for a custom set.

Great Quality

I love the texture and is very user friendly and feelings good on the skin
Can you recommend a copic set for landscape design purposes?
Bron Kemp


Is this food grade and up to what level of heat can it stand.thanks
No, this product is not food-safe.
This is the product that you can use for food:
This has a wonderful feeling of depth and mystery.
Quintessential NZ for me; this is perfect.
I feel like I could reach out and pick up those rocks.
What #1 said.
Love this.
This is beautiful. It's the kind of thing I hope to paint one day.
It just went walken on in and stole my heart. BIZAM.
your talent is amazing..fabulous work!!!


Beautiful and evocative

Glenfield Sky

Lovely Elaine! My immediate emotion is one of hope and elation. It is something to do with the height of clouds and the increasing depth of the blue of the sky...wonderful!

Glenfield Evening

This picture draws me in...the light, the combination of colours across the sky and the distant trees all bring out a desire to be part of it - it's what I like about Elaine's art.

Long Bay Afternoon

This is a superb sky. I love the way the light throws me into a strange mix of emotions. I would love to walk under that sky now.
I love Elaine's art. She has captured the beauty of the sky...I feel very peaceful and appreciative of nature and art when I look at this painting.
Elaine always manages to capture that 'je ne sais quois' in the light and movement of the moment. Energising, light and peaceful - I'd love to see this piece every day in my lounge.... !
Beautiful, freeing, like a breath of fresh air

Late Afternoon

Very beautiful work.


What a happy looking dog.


Just like my old cat; lovely.
W0W - pure talent
Unbelievably great pastel art by my favourite artist


great work


very sensitive.

David's twin?

Jarrod is a very talented artist.

I'm all Yours!

A lovely and true to life drawing of Benson

A Star

I've known Pippy since she adopted my friends and moved to Massey..she is my exciteable and cute friend!
I like this style and find myself drawn into the picture


Amazing picture of Pippy! Love it


Nice Work. Very Well Done.


The artist has caught the natural happy look of this dog who thinks he is the Man and looks like he enjoyed the attention, a happy Painting of a happy dog,
Love this happy dog! great picture!
love this happy dog picture


Awesome work - its that great you almost fooled me into thinking that you posted a photo of it.


I really love the detail you have put in with the blanket, depth of his eyes, portrayal of an old soul. Beautiful


Nice Work


So true to how I know Pippy - great nature & lots of fun -

Karangahake Gorge

Great picture Elaine. So many stunning pieces. Yours has stood out, how well you have utilised Pastel.

Karangahake Gorge

This is beautiful Elaine, it reminds me alot of the Summers I spent in my younger days on the South Island West Coast. Wonderful piece.
Definately reminds me of what I see whenever I drive through that gorge. Great stuff.
Looks real, Beautiful

Karanagahake Gorge by Elaine King

Amazing piece of art, I can almost feel the water.
Michelle is so talented!
Love it!!!


I can't believe this can be done with pastel. It has really captured the spirit of the animal. You could reach out and give Amber a pat on the head. Or she could come out and give you a lick on the hand. Amazing job, my vote goes you!


Michelle your a true talent x


Fantastic work Michelle! So good


Amazing - very talented artist.
Excellent likeness.Well done.
the artist caught the natural expression and a lovely photo of luxurious fur great photo


I would love you to do some of my animals at Avonstour .Bob looks like the real thing




This Painting is amazing, love it, outstanding, brilliant work
Outstanding painting!! Great Job!
gorgeous picture ! so realistic


very cute photo. well done.

It looks real

It makes you wanna cuddle it!!! Looks so real!! Good job! Chiara

Karangahake Gorge

Amazing waterscape. Mesmerising.


A gorgeous portrait!


Like both colour and composition


I like it, Elaine
Beutiful eyes and lovely pose. You've caught the character well.
I love this painting. So like Amber.
As good as a photo.


so real looking! Love it
Lovely composition and style

pub cat by Rosemary Murphy

Great work

untitled by Rosemary Murphy

Great work

Our Girl Pip

Jarrod has painted this picture of our dog.
We think he has done a great job portraying her so well. He has her happy face exactly the way she is....always smiling.

Lovable Pip

Jarrod has captured the eyes of this border collie amazingly well. Love it!
Beautiful sunlit rocks and water, such a calm and peaceful scene.
Sorry, forgot to rate it first time I commented.

Karangahake Gorge

Ah, Spring has just arrived here in Ohio and this reminds me of wading in the river as a child looking for tadpoles. Your water and rocks are beautiful. Lovely Elaine!
Want to go paddling in this.


Looks real to me. Could be a photo
Very atmospheric and peaceful

Karangahake Gorge

Make me want to get out of the car and go down to the river and cast a fly. So Inviting
Gold under those rocks for sure.


I love this picture
The artist has been able to capture and portray the models vulnerability while still retaining a lot of detail, nice job.
Very beautiful and captured the romance of the rose.


Naive colors and great composition


Very clever painting - well done


Great expression and painting
the facial features are excellent.

a hat full of joy by karen james

makes me smile.

3 horses by karen james

Cat with attitude
that is so much like here i live!


Pippy was done for our friends as a thank you present. Pippy is a great dog and lovely with the kids. Jazz is really getting the hang of all the fur.
Great job Jazz.


So good drawing
This artist has a highly original world-view and shows integrity and skill.

Cosmic play

A feast for the soul as with all her work
Captures the energy of the southern skies beautifully!

late afternoon

A briljant piece of art
I love the sky. So energetic and emotive.
I love the strength and movement in this piece, and the way the expression of the subject is filled with concentration. Uplifting and inspirational work.
Luv it!


Serene and joyful - captures relationship between artist and natural elements which represents the spiritual world beyond the conventional physical realm

Self Portrait as a Swimmer - by Elaine Matthews

Elaine has captured something of her essence in this evocative painting: serenity and joy of the impact of the natural elements on her body which is quite ethereal. She could be moving through air, water or any other medium. exploring spiritual realms beyond the conventional physical world. Elaine 'in her element' would be my caption.
Just stunning. The colours invoke feelings of calm and tranquillity.
Emotional piece - lovely feeling of movement
Love the colours...beautiful artwork
Lovely work

Self Portrait As Swimmer by Elaine Matthews Venter

So natural and beautiful ..stunning artwork

Self Portrait as a swimmer

I love this. The drawing evokes the energy and spirit of moving forward and onwards.
Love the mood and peace in this.

late afternoon

transports me in the clouds love it
A beautiful and emotive work!


I love the energy and motion captured in this piece! Beautiful and fluid, with a tangible sense of gliding forward through water. Excellent!


What a wonderful talent you have Elaine
Wonderful personality shining through!

Pub Cat

Good likeness



Really nice!

Great composition/ subject matter. simple but effective.

I definitely think this is the best submission so far!

Strong colours, great composition, amazing minimalistic/ simplification/ abstraction of form.

This piece really stood out for me.
A unique style which draws you into the mystery of the piece.
Love it!!
Beautifully done. Rich and striking.
Beautiful use of colours and forms
I Like It A Lot
Interesting study. Good use of colour and shade


Love this one. The artists ability in pastels is outstanding
See comment above - Sorry but this is a correction. I gave the pastel 3 stars not 2. Could you alter this for me please? Thank you. Second to last comment, made 24/03/13
Very realistic. Beautifully done.
This speaks of a life spent in a hot dry sunny area. The eyes not yet faded. One can feel the warmth of the sun. A study of someone living in Western Australia?


Beautiful! Reminds me so much of the sky which had all those elements in it today here in Cape Town and Stellenbosch.
It symbolises a desire, unvexed, and unthwarted, that made it through a long, dark, night. Nothing is more representatively conducive to catching one's breath, as this ...
Composition and colour are stunning

Kissed by sunlight


Late afternoon Glenfield

Love this! Skyscape showing layers of clouds in different light. Spiritual.
How could I resist a 5 for my beautiful granddaughter painted by my wonderful talented wife!

Late Afternoon Glenfield by Elaine Matthews Venter

Beautiful work, it looks so lifelike I thought it was a photho.


Leaves me feeling incredibly at peace... so serene. Incredible talent.. I love it.




Wonderful competition great artists, amazing what they can do with pastels!

This Artist has caught my eye and I am rating all three of her entries as outstanding!

My wife is annoyed that only one of us can vote but we both thank you for a wonderful highly skilled display of pastel art!


Unbelievable what people can do with pastels!
This artist impresses me with her consistency and lifelike impressions!

Kissed by sunlight

I have selected this artist as most consistently high standard and am rating all three entries accordingly.

A very enjoyable, interesting and high quality pastel competition!
very good



dancing in the breeze


dancing in the breeze


Kissed by Sunlight

Beautiful,so real & soft


very good shadows. the shading is superb and the colouring is outstanding

dancing in the breeze

its great work



Dancing in the Breeze


Untitled By Rosemary Murphy

Love this picture of two fantails. Reminds me of tramping expiditions up Taranaki where the fantails would flitter around the trail in front of you. Well done.

Untitled by Rosemarie Murphy


Untitled by Rosemary Murphy

Wonderful balance of Fantails showing awesome interaction between the two birds. Pastal colours chosen works very well

Kissed by Sunlight

A really beautiful pastel, the shading and colours are so realistic I just want to smell the perfume.


A super portrait, lovely skin tones hard to believe it is in pastel.


this is a well executed pastel drawing, love the shading and highlights on the models back. The draping of the cloth is beautiful.

Kissed By Sunlight

Just perfect

Annabel by Glenys

A credit to artist so real
Just so real , delitful
Amazing detail, hair and skin are beautifully done.
I can't believe this is done with pastels, it looks so realistic.
Very good, nice and traditional
Brilliant, so lifelike


I really like the colours and would enjoy sitting in a garden like this.
Love It!!

Well done Visser !

Truly gifted!!!! Xx
A beautiful stoney bottom river... get the fly rod.
Stunning detail.
Love it!
amazing talent
awesome work Danielle - you are the best!

Smoko Time

Lovely quiet, mellow study.


Clever use of light and colour.

absolutely fantastic

absolutely fantastic


No words needed to explain the story... It's written on his face. Go Danielle!
AMAZING! One of the best paintings I've seen in a long time! Well done incredible talent
great use of color and light
This artwork has a real magical quality about it
Lovely and natural, though the pose slightly awkward

so good

i can see the charictor in this dog.

very good

better than the original


I like the attention given to the model's back, without losing the young woman's vulnerability or sensuality.
Awesome drawling well done
lovely work




This is just amazing, the technique and quality achieved is outstanding

A classical subject reproduced very well


Jarrod's drawings just capture the gentle nature of this dog, it is realy lovely.

Very good technique
Fantastic, my favorite.
Outstanding work
Obviously a portrait of Christopher Walken...amazing likeness. Another great piece of art from this extraordinary artist.

mental picture

figurative and literal
I've been there! Love it

Untitiled by Danielle Visser

Fabalabaducious! You have really captured his essence!
First rate abstract.


I absolutely love everything about this piece. The eyes are amazing and the expression on his face. Clearly a lot of time and effort has gone into this masterpiece!!!!!



I can hear him.

I totally hear Walken's voice when I look at this


amazing work

Untitled by Del Visser

Super realism with the intensity turned up. The swirl of the beard and the weave of the blanket are gorgeous and the depth of black in the shadow is crisp and bold. Fantastic!


This apparently quiet & still setting pulses with energy

love the colors!

I love the detail in the picture, you can really see all the different tectures, its amazing
Very lifelike.

Pub Cat

Great painting.

Lilies by Martha Mitchell

Magnificent painting.


I think this work is exceptional the artist captures his life through trough his eyes, beautiful work.


Absolutely amazing! Truly talented artist


I was blown away when I saw this piece. The man's face is amazing as I'm sure every line tells it's own story and I love his character!!!
Absolutely stunning!!


Del still the best artist I have ever seen! this pic of course is nothing on my dexter one, keep up the good work
Awesome Danielle!



Such attention to detail!

Pub Cat

Here kitty, kitty!

Untitled by Rosemarie Murphy

Yay! Fantails!
Very cute

Pub Cat

Lovely Cat
An old world practise in modern life, Lisbon all over.
i just love it


Just love it, like i just want to sit in this court yard.


Just love it, very inviting just to go and sit in this courtyard.
love this style
Captured the cat,s body language beautifully
Excellent painting!
Wootz! Fantails!
Fantastic work
Beautiful work
lovely cat
and i do like a pub
absolutely beautiful
the best


in my garden
really great eyes looks alive

Pub Cat

Very cute

Untitled by Rosemarie Murphy

Very life like

Pataua South by Nicola Warner


Pataua South

Iconic New Zealand beach scene.
very pleasing. The attention to detail indicates her powers of observation and ability to express this through the medium of pastels.


very nice work

court yard

a piece i can lie and stare at for hours.which is what art should do to you


Vibrant and is exactly what it is. I can feel myself sitting there.


Awesome - so looks like Benson!


Jazz has had no formal art training, his picture is a great likeness to our friend's dog Benson.
Amazing drawing, great likeness.

First Communion

Very beleivable
the sea looks calm and the sky stormy, I like it!
I enjoy Elaine's work. Even though I dont know the person. Painting are as if I am listening to a friend talking.
Love the colours

Late afternoon Glenfield

This artist goes beyond the real and everyday.

Long Bay Afternoon

I love the mood the artist has captured in this beautiful 'skyscape'. It has a mood of vastness and captures the glory of God's creation!
Very dynamic painting.
I completely relate to the elation present in this work at yet another uniquely beautiful morning in the world. Want!
I would buy this, I cannot stop looking at the exquisite manner in which ethereal delicacy and rock solidness has been captured and contrasted.

Elaine MatthewsVenter's pastel

is the most stylistically interesting work in the competition. It is expressionist and compelling.

A rare ethereal display

The colours! My eye keeps returning to the light in the clouds. I want to get closer, deeper, be enveloped by the golden anticipation.

What a beautiful painting!!
Very cute
Beautiful work
Beautiful work
Beautiful work
Beautiful work
Beautiful work

A favourite of mine

Do love this work - takes me away, transports me, which is really what art is about...moving us physically, emotionally, spiritually to another place and space in time. Gorgeous!
Beautiful cloud formations

Late afternoon Glenfield

Captures the feeling of late afternoon during the winter so well.

Long Bay afternoon

Love the moody quality of the light.
wonderful feel; uplifting

Self Portrait as a Swimmer

Brilliant drawing, so evocative!

Long Bay Afternoon

I love this. The vastness of the sky is captured with perfect perspective. The colours are subtle and beautiful.
Lovely bright fresh colours!


Love it! Love the way you have caught the horse. I'm afraid I don't see the rest really and would possibly crop half the big tree off for being too dominating.

Good Advice

Thanks alot Jim and Sandy for your help today.
I mounted my drawing without any problems and am now eager to start applying oil paints after being in the store and getting some good advice.


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