• Elmer's All Purpose Glue Sticks$6.60-$7.70
    ,p.This all-purpose glue stick is excellent for easy, no-mess, permanent bonding. It works on a variety of paper types including cardboard, foam board, display board and computer paper. It goes on smooth and dries fast, clear and colorless. It is washable, acid-free, photo safe and non-toxic.

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  • UHU Super Glue Ultra Fast Control$5.30
  • UHU por 50ml$8.70

    UHU por is an elastic, waterproof contact adhesive for bonding of expanded polystyrene to itself, to wood, to many plastics, metal, glass, paper and cardboard.

  • UHU HART 35g$11.00Out of Stock

    Crystal clear, For assembling small parts in model building, handicraft and for general use at home. Particularly suitable for balsa wood and wooden materials. Sets as a hard film suitable to reinforce weak areas.

  • Tombow Multi Liquid Glue$9.40

    Bonding two ways– temporarily for repositioning or permanently, this glue is ideal for memory books, and it’ s acid-free. Let the glue dry before positioning for removable and self-sticking items or apply while the glue is wet for permanent application. The .88 oz. ergonomic dispenser features two applicators– one is wide for large areas, the other is pen style for small or detailed areas. MONO glue is non-toxic and washable.

  • Tiger Grip$8.95

    The ideal all-purpose glue. It will adhere to paper, card, wood, plastics, metal, cork, fabrics, carpets, leather, canvas and many other materials. 120ml

  • UHU All Purpose Power Glue 125ml$11.90
  • UHU Twist & Glue Multi-Purpose$7.50

    With its 3-position applicator, UHU Multi-Purpose Adhesive Twist & Glue allows gluing made to measure: dots, lines or surfaces. Use the green nozzle to apply dots or draw a thin line. Twist in direction of the arrows and the precision nozzle becomes an oval applicator for narrow and broad collages. Sticks paper, cardboard, wood, felt, textile, leather and cork to one another as well as to metal, ceramic, pocelain, glass, styrofoam and many plastics (except PE/PP). Adjustable. Not to be used on photos. Ideal for work manual and small repairs at home, in school and in the office.

  • UHU All Purpose Glue$5.40

    For use on virtually every type of material: china, metal, glass, Plexiglass, felt, leather, cork, fabric and textile, cardboard, paper. UHU The All Purpose Adhesive is ideal for household repairs, creative handicraft work, school or office. Not for use on styrofoam.

  • UHU Heavy Duty Mounting Adhesive$10.95

    Strong, universal construction adhesive for interior and exterior use. Initial tack 100 kg/m2. Replaces nails and screws. Bonds wood, metal, PVC, ABS, plaster, stone, tiles, gypsum and expanded polystyrene on concrete, stone, plaster, wood and chipboard surfaces. One side must be porous. Not suitable for PE and PP and for surfaces with permanent moisture.

  • UHU Epoxy Quick Set Syringe$21.70

    High performance 2-components epoxy adhesive for especially fast and strong bonds. Easy to use thanks to syringe format with two mixers. Suitable for metal, stone, concrete, marble, china, wood, glass, duroplastics, rigid PVC and styrofoam.

  • UHU Epoxy Ultra Strong Glue - 2x 10ml$8.70

    Ultra high-strength 2-component epoxy adhesive for the heaviest loads (up to 3000N/cm2). Suitable for use on metal, stone, concrete, marble, china, wood, glass, duroplastics, glass-fibre reinforced plastics, rigid PVC and styrofoam.

  • UHU All Purpose Power Glue$8.70

    Universal power adhesive, super strong, transparent and clean. Ideal for glueing joints and transparent materials.

  • UHU Super Glue - Liquid$5.40

    Ultra fast and extremely strong liquid super glue. Flows into smallest corners and joints. Use on glass plastic, ceramics, metal wood, rubber, etc. Dries in seconds.

  • UHU Super Glue - Gel$7.60

    Ultrafast, extremely strong, dip-free super glue gel. Ideal for porous materials and vertical surfaces. Can be used on glass, ceramics, leathers, plastics, wood, china, etc. Dries in seconds.

  • UHU All Plastics Glue$9.80

    Strong, cold-welding adhesive for most types of plastics. Also in combination with wood, metal, glass and ceramics. Dries fast and crystal clear. Remains flexible.

  • UHU Contact Liquid Glue$7.60

    Universal super strong and fast contact glue. Glues wood, many plastics, ceramics, porcelain, glass, metal, leather, fabric, felt, cork, foam rubber, textiles, etc. Not suitable for Styrofoam. Bond remains flexible and is resistant to water, heat and frost.

  • UHU Expanded Polystyrene Glue$9.70

    Special transparent, elastic adhesive for Styrofoam, also in combination with wood, many plastics, metal, glass, etc. Waterproof.

  • Nori Paste$7.95-$51.20

    Nori is an excellent glue for all paper projects. It's great for use on delicate papers and adheres well to most porous materials. Nori paste is an ideal choice for kids as it is non-toxic, acid-free and washes off easily. It dries slowly to allow repositioning, will not discolor paper and is invisible when completely dry.

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  • E6000 Adhesive / Sealant$21.95Out of Stock

    Special formula Adhesive/Solvent material for high-performance industrial requirements. Provides superior adhesion characteristics on all woods, metals, concrete, masonry and ceramic materials, rubber, fiberglass, glass and plastics. 3.7oz leakproof tube

  • Glue Gun Cool Shot Surebonder$22.95

    The Cool Shot glue gun operates at a lower temperature than low and high temperature guns for safer use.

  • Glue Gun High Temperature Surebonder$25.30

    High temperature glue gun is best for use with wood, plastic metal, ceramics, magnets, leather, paper, fabric and other porous and non-porous materials. Takes the large glue sticks.

  • Surebonder Fabric Glue Stik$9.30

    Fabric Glue sticks are machine washable and they stay flexible. Use with the Surebonder Low or High temperature Guns. 12 pieces

  • Surebonder Jewelry Glue Stik$7.95

    Jewelery Glue Sticks, bonds rhinestones, beads, buttons and shells. Works in the Surebonder High Temperature Gun. 12 pieces

  • Cool Shot Mini Glue Sticks$5.95

    For use with Surebonder Cool Shot & LT-160 Glue Guns. 15 4" sticks

  • Surebonder Woodstick Glue Sticks$7.95

    Ideal for wood projects and for use with the Surebonder Low or High Temperature Glue Guns. 12 pieces

  • 2 Way Glue$9.90

    The dual action glue pen. To make a permanent 'wet bond' simply use immediately after applying adhesive. Or, create a temporary bond by applying lightly and use after adhesive is dry. Great for rubber stampers. Also can be used with glitter, embossing, masking, flocking or can be used for repositioning stencils, gift wrapping, photo albums, collage, etc.

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  • Museum Wax$10.00-$29.95

    For objects on shelves and in hard to get locations where they are not likely to be moved often. It is a specially formulated blend of Microcrystalline waxes by Museums for antiques.

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  • Helmar Professional PVA Wood Glue$5.10-$9.60

    A high quality woodworking glue made to Australian Manufacturing Standards 2754-2 Types 4 & 5. Sheer strength is high at 2400N. In laboratory tests using Pine timber the average sheer strength was 2442N and using Tasmanian Oak timber the average was 2345N. Ideal for timber assembly work such as rubbed joints, dowelling, laminating, veneering and pressing. Can also be used with most craft projects, hobbies, soft timbers, school projects, chipboard, cardboard, paper, etc.

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  • Helmar Craft Glue$6.60-$15.803 items

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  • Helmar Clear Gum$6.90

    Helmar Clear Gum is easy to use and quick drying. Ideal for use with paper, cardboard, school projects, craft, general-purpose office glue, etc.

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  • Sakura Quickie Glue$5.95
  • Helmar Professional Acid-Free Glue$9.50-$14.90

    Helmar Professional Acid-Free Glue has been specifically designed for book binding, mounting photographs, preserving old and precious books, documents, scrap books, etc. Featuring excellent adhesion to dense papers with highly flexible bond. Sets clear, dries quickly and will not yellow with age. Non-wrinkling. Neutral pH level.

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  • Glue Sticks$5.50-$7.502 items

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  • Mona Lisa Adhesive Pen$17.40

    Ideal for metal leafing, glitter, embossing powders and more this adhesive pen works well for fine detail, signatures, calligraphy, lace design and ornaments. Non-toxic and acid-free.

  • Gold Leaf Size 250ml$18.95



  • Krylon Low Odor Spray Glue$26.95Out of Stock

    This water-based, acid-free adhesive provides a strong, permanent bond. It goes on white for visible coverage and dries clear. Its low odor formula makes it convenient to spray indoors and extended open tack time allows easy positioning before fully dry. Great for use with wood, metal, ceramics, fabric, paper, paper mache, paper crafts, cardboard, felt, photos, ribbon, decoupage, scrapbook pages and balsa. In an 11 oz. aerosol can.

  • Krylon Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive 11oz$23.95

    This fast-acting adhesive has a variable volume controlled web spray pattern that offers high contact strength. It is heavy-duty and provides a strong, permanent bond. Bonds heavy-duty materials such as Wood, metal, plastic, glass, plaster, ceramic, paper, paper mache, cardboard, laminate, particle board and more.

  • Krylon Super Quick Grip 11oz$25.95

    Adheres lightweight surfaces in seconds and dries strong and permanent. Creates a smooth, flexible, non-wrinkling bond. It is acid-free and ideal for adhering wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, fabric, paper, paper mache, paper crafts, cardboard, Styrofoam, felt, photos, ribbon, decoupage, scrapbook pages, and more.

  • Krylon Adhesive Remover 11oz$24.20

    This fast-acting formula quickly and effectively removes adhesive and other difficult to remove materials. It eliminates adhesive residue from spray adhesives, stickers, tape and more. It also removes crayon, marker, grease, oil, wax and paint overspray.

  • On & Off Restickable Spray Tac$17.50-$27.95

    On & Off is designed for decorating and creating restickable wall stickers and decals. Create sticky notes of any shape and size, temporarily put up charts, maps and timetables in schools and work places. Create layouts and mock-up designs and models. Hold fabrics in place before sewing. Excellent for screen printing and production line work where parts are held in place temporarily prior to final assembly. Suitable for delicate materials like rice paper, tissue, newspaper, etc. Leaves no marks or residue. Replaces magnets and tacks. Non toxic

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  • Nuart Spray Adhesive 350g$35.60$28.48

    Ideal for bonding Paper, Cardboard, Photos, Wood, Plastic, Foam Rubber, Metal, Glass, Fabrics, Leather, etc.

  • Krylon Easy Tack 10.25oz$24.95Out of Stock

    Use Easy-Tack on light-weight materials such as paper, fabrics, posters, glitter, photos, etc. It is an acid-free, non-staining, non-wrinkling, low odor adhesive that can be adjusted, removed and reapplied throughout the life of the bond.

  • Helmar Spray Adhesive 350g$22.00
    This spray will bond fabrics, paper, cardboard, flat P.V.C., foils, urethane & rubber foams, vellum, cork & most general art & craft materials.

Double-Sided Sheets

  • Grafix Double Tack Mounting Film 18 x 24"$11.10

    This acid-free, adhesive backed, double sided adhesive film is heat- and tear-resistant, transparent and won’t yellow over time. It bonds instantly to many surfaces including paper, fabric, wood, metal, plastic and glass. Double Tack lets you create stickers and multi-layered effects quick and easy, out of almost any craft material with no messy clean up. Great for stationery, paper crafts, creating collages, punch art and home decorating. Use to mount photos and artwork, and for a multitude of school and office projects.


Adhesive Printing Film

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