Painting Accessories

Palettes include Daler Rowney disposable, The Stay-Wet Palette for acrylics, Sterling Edwards Big Brush Palette, and several shapes and sizes of plastic, ceramic, and Melamine palettes.


  • New Wave Pochade Box Glass Palettes Grey for 11 x 14.5 Model
    New Wave Pochade Box Glass Palettes Grey for 11 x 14.5 Model$55.90

    Designed to fit inside the Anywhere™ Pochade Box. Available in grey for enhanced value and color gauging. The underside (grey) is finished with a dense solvent,...

  • New Wave Pochade Box Plastic Palettes
    New Wave Pochade Box Plastic Palettes$17.90-$25.90

    Designed to fit inside Anywhere™ Pochade Boxes. Made from a high density and durable plastic. Oil paints can be removed with solvents, while dry acrylic paint peels off. For use with all paint media. Made in the USA.

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  • POSH Table Top Glass Palettes
    POSH Table Top Glass Palettes$55.50-$61.00

    POSH® Glass Palettes are everything the name implies. Available in grey, white, and clear. 12 x 16 inch This product uses 1/8" tempered glass for maximum strength and safety, along with custom corner guards for added protection and surface traction. The edges are seamed, and the underside (grey and white) is finished with a dense solvent, and water resistant formulation that has excellent color fastness.

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  • New Wave Expressionist Confidant Finished Palettes
    New Wave Expressionist Confidant Finished Palettes$93.90

    A rewarding selection for those who prefer an open palette color arrangement, and a large surface area for plenty of paint. The Expressionist palette has a large circular painting surface and mixing area suitable for all technical methods of painting. It also offers an open grasping area allowing for room to hold brushes or a mahlstick, and a lower quadrant that can be used for additional mixing, or to hold your medium palette cup and/or paint cloth.

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  • New Wave Highland Finished Palettes
    New Wave Highland Finished Palettes$80.90

    The Highland palette provides a true ergonomic fit and soft curves. This palette will fit in most landscape boxes, allowing for ease of transportation and convenience while outdoors. When confronted by nature, unveil the Highland palette and begin painting.

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  • Masterson Premier Stay-Wet Palette
    Masterson Premier Stay-Wet Palette$52.40Out of Stock

    Large, 12" x 16" size gives maximum palette surface in this light-weight, durable palette. Palette is airtight when closed. Includes a sponge and five sheets of Sta-Wet acrylic film which help create a damp atmosphere to keep paints fresh for extended time periods. Lid is detachable for ease of use. Packs of forty refill sheets also available.

Cups & Dippers


Colour Wheels

  • Old Holland Hand-Painted Colour Chart
    Old Holland Hand-Painted Colour Chart$69.95Out of Stock

    An essential tool for oil painters, this beautiful colour chart displays every color in the Old Holland Classic Oil Color range on hand-painted chips that measure 1¾" × ½". The chart, which measures 27½" high × 12" wide, also includes comprehensive information about pigment composition, transparency, lightfastness, drying time, and oil content.

  • Color Matching Guide
    Color Matching Guide$32.10Out of Stock

    A full palette of paint colors, tints and shades in a handy little guide. This color guide helps artists identify, match and select the colors they need for their paintings. It includes 36 pure artists’ tube colors printed on individual cards with 144 tints and shades. Each color card shows one original tube color with a value range from light tint to dark shade. The unique viewing windows allow the artist or anyone working with color to preview thousands of possible new color combinations and to mix and match colors for their palette. The windows permit easy color and value identification. The color cards can be overlaid to view hundreds of exciting new color combinations. The guide is ideal for use in the classroom, studio or on location, and is also very helpful in identifying col...more »
  • Gray Scale & Value Finder
    Gray Scale & Value Finder$6.60

    An invaluable tool for artists, teachers and students, the Gray Scale and Value Finder allows users to identify the value of blacks, whites and colors in all media. Ten swatches, from 10% black to 100% black, are each accompanied by a cut-out shape for value and intensity comparisons. The Finder can also be used as a guide to making colors lighter and darker with varying values of neutral gray. It includes simple explanations and instructions for immediate and effective use.

  • Creative Color Wheel
    Creative Color Wheel$20.95Out of Stock

    There are only two ways to use color in any design project; contrast and harmony. This wheel is the ideal guide for harmonious choosing color schemes.

  • Watercolor Wheel
    Watercolor Wheel$15.95Out of Stock

    This indispensable watercolorist’s tool shows 144 combinations of the most common colors to aid in selecting and mixing. It also provides visual examples of graduated washes from mass to undertones created from the actual watercolors. The reverse side of this 10" diameter circle gives helpful definitions and information about color characteristics and transparent techniques.

  • Magic Palette Mixing Guide
    Magic Palette Mixing Guide$30.00Out of Stock

    An indispensable working tool for artists at all experience levels. By following the simple instructions this color chart will show you how to mix over 300 beautiful, luminous colors using just 18 popular tube paints, plus titanium white. The Magic Palette Guide take the guessing out of mixing colors and is ideal for use in the studio, classroom or on location.

  • Artist Colour Wheel
    Artist Colour Wheel$22.60
  • Pocket Colour Wheel 3501
    Pocket Colour Wheel 3501$13.50

Brush Cleaner

Canvas Pliers

  • Canvas Pliers Heavy Duty
    Canvas Pliers Heavy Duty$79.95

    These heavy duty pliers are made of solid, chrome-finished metal. The non-slip, rubber padded, 4-5/8" jaws grip firmly yet gently, without damaging canvas or fabric, and the sure-grip rubberized handles are easy and comfortable to use. The spring return in the handle provides effortless, trouble-free stretching.

  • Canvas Stretching Pliers 4''
    Canvas Stretching Pliers 4''$105.50
  • Fredrix Canvas Pliers
    Fredrix Canvas Pliers$88.95
    These pliers are made of heavy duty chromium plated steel. Perfectly mating deep teeth ensure a positive no-slip grip. Spring return handle.


  • U.Go Tripod
    U.Go Tripod$280.00
  • U.Go Plein Air Cinch x 2
    U.Go Plein Air Cinch x 2$11.95

    The u.go™ Cinch is a strong and flexible band made from silicone. It holds the accessory side trays to the lid of your pochade box...

  • U.Go Plein Air Cinch and Carabiner Sets
    U.Go Plein Air Cinch and Carabiner Sets$17.95

    The u.go™ Cinch is a strong and flexible band made from silicone. It holds the accessory side trays to the lid of your pochade box...

  • Mahl Stick
    Mahl Stick$39.40

    Artists and sign painters use this light-weight aluminum tubing to steady their arms when special work requires fine detail and consistent control over delicate or wet artwork. Its rubber tip prevents slipping and protects the work from damage, and the handy take-apart feature turns the mahlstick into a neat, compact unit for easy storage. It is 30" long and weighs only 3-1/2 oz.

  • Bulldog Clip Heavy Duty
    Bulldog Clip Heavy Duty$2.50
  • Artist's Apron Black
    Artist's Apron Black$19.95

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