Painting Accessories

Palettes include Daler Rowney disposable, The Stay-Wet Palette for acrylics, Sterling Edwards Big Brush Palette, and several shapes and sizes of plastic, ceramic, and Melamine palettes.


  • Gray Paper Palettes NZD $14.90 - $21.50
    Start each session with a fresh sheet and eliminate messy cleanup. Mid-tone gray sheets provide a neutral background for accurate color mixing. Matte surface prevents reflection and glare. Suitable for use with oil, acrylic and watercolor. Each pad contains 40 coated disposable sheets.... more »
    2 items
  • Daler-Rowney Tear-off Palette Oil A4 NZD $25.60
    Vegetable parchment, 50 sheets.... more »
  • Daler-Rowney Tear-off Palette Oil & Acrylic A4 NZD $25.60
    Clear acrylic coated paper, 40 sheets 90gsm.... more »
  • Strathmore Paper Palettes NZD $16.40 - $26.00
    Convenient, disposable poly-coated paper palette. Forty sheets per tape-bound pad. Gummed on 2 ends. 9 x 12inches... more »
    2 items
  • Enamel Butcher Tray Palettes NZD $20.30 - $43.95
    These porcelain enameled metal trays have a convex center so water runs to the edges, making them the perfect palettes for dry brush techniques in watercolor or gouache. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean acrylic paint, as it peels up like a skin even after the paint has dried. Modeled after the original American butcher trays, this palette never stains and can last a lifetime. The inherent small rim chips will not affect performance. ... more »
    2 items
  • Easy Clean Palettes (Double Sided) NZD $10.00 - $12.00 2 items

Cups & Dippers


  • Magnetic Manikin NZD $19.95
    Never before has a manikin had such a magnetic personality! You can position this articulated manikin in gravity defying poses that appear practically impossible. Its magnetic hands and feet can hold the included ball and find solid traction on the wide metal cover base - to stand or do handstands on. It can even "climb' other metal surfaces.... more »
  • Hands NZD $45.00 - $54.95 5 items
  • Manikins NZD $12.00 - $138.40 6 items

Colour Wheels

  • Old Holland Hand-Painted Colour Chart NZD $69.95
    An essential tool for oil painters, this beautiful colour chart displays every color in the Old Holland Classic Oil Color range on hand-painted chips that measure 1¾" × ½". The chart, which measures 27½" high × 12" wide, also includes comprehensive information about pigment composition, transparency, lightfastness, drying time, and oil content. ... more »
  • View Catcher NZD $24.95
    Use the ViewCatcher to create strong compositions, quickly see correct color values, make color decisions. For professionals, amateurs and students. Use for painting, drawing, photography, quilting, interior design, landscaping, craft projects, and any other place where composition is required. Plastic, pocket size: 3 1/2" x 3 1/2"... more »
  • Composition Finder NZD $7.95 Out of Stock
    A composition tool for painters. Adjustable opening with graphics for common support sizes in inches and centimeters. Graphics also include a value scale, "Golden Section", "Fibonacci Spiral" and complementary color chart. 3/12" x 5"... more »
  • Color Matching Guide NZD $32.10
    A full palette of paint colors, tints and shades in a handy little guide. This color guide helps artists identify, match and select the colors they need for their paintings. It includes 36 pure artists’ tube colors printed on individual cards with 144 tints and shades. Each color card shows one original tube color with a value range from light tint to dark shade. The unique viewing windows allow the artist or anyone working with color to preview thousands of possible new color combinations and to mix and match colors for their palette. The windows permit easy color and value identification. The color cards can be overlaid to view hundreds of exciting new color combinations. The guide is ideal for use in the classroom, studio or on location, and is also very helpful in identifying colors and values when working from photos and magazines.... more »
  • Gray Scale & Value Finder NZD $6.60
    An invaluable tool for artists, teachers and students, the Gray Scale and Value Finder allows users to identify the value of blacks, whites and colors in all media. Ten swatches, from 10% black to 100% black, are each accompanied by a cut-out shape for value and intensity comparisons. The Finder can also be used as a guide to making colors lighter and darker with varying values of neutral gray. It includes simple explanations and instructions for immediate and effective use.... more »
  • Creative Color Wheel NZD $18.95
    There are only two ways to use color in any design project; contrast and harmony. This wheel is the ideal guide for harmonious choosing color schemes.... more »

Brush Cleaner

  • Escoda Artist Brush & Hand Soap NZD $16.70 Out of Stock
    Hand-crafted Escoda brushes deserve the best care. Now they can receive it, when artists use Escoda's Artist Brush and Hand Soap. Made from 82% extra-virgin olive oil from sun-drenched Toledo, this 100% natural formula is both effective and truly gentle — so gentle, in fact, that Escoda recommends using it to clean paint from your hands. Produced in Spain using a centuries-old technique, every bar of Escoda Artist Brush and Hand Soap is hand-cut and stamped with the Escoda name — your promise of exceptional quality. Brush care instructions are included with every bar. 3.53 oz (100 g)... more »
  • Masters Clean-Up Kit NZD $14.95
  • Masters Brush Cleaner NZD $5.80 - $27.40 3 items
  • Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaner 1 items
  • Art Spectrum Hand & Brush Cleaner NZD $31.95 - $59.95 2 items
  • Masters Mini Clean-Up Kit NZD $18.50

Canvas Pliers


  • You Can Refillable Air Powered Spray Can NZD $52.00
    This refillable air pressured spray can is great for applying fabric paint, acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor, varnish, alcohol inks, primer, adhesives, cleaner, water and any other liquid to a surface. Fill the can 1/3 of the way full, insert valve gasket, valve, and screw on the collar and pressurize with an air compressor or bike pump. Attach any spray cap of your choosing and spray.... more »
  • Royal & Langnickel Watercolor Sponge Set of 6 NZD $11.50
    Includes: 2 Fine Pore Silk Sponges 2 Synthetic Hydrophilic Sponges 2 Large Coarse Sea Sponges... more »
  • Mahl Stick NZD $39.40
    Artists and sign painters use this light-weight aluminum tubing to steady their arms when special work requires fine detail and consistent control over delicate or wet artwork. Its rubber tip prevents slipping and protects the work from damage, and the handy take-apart feature turns the mahlstick into a neat, compact unit for easy storage. It is 30" long and weighs only 3-1/2 oz.... more »
  • Bulldog Clip Heavy Duty NZD $2.00
  • Artist's Apron Black NZD $19.95
  • View Catcher NZD $24.95
    Use the ViewCatcher to create strong compositions, quickly see correct color values, make color decisions. For professionals, amateurs and students. Use for painting, drawing, photography, quilting, interior design, landscaping, craft projects, and any other place where composition is required. Plastic, pocket size: 3 1/2" x 3 1/2"... more »

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