Sculpture & Modelling

We love Super Sculpey and are happy to share and talk about techniques that we've used on our own maquettes that we proudly display in-store.

We also sell plaster of paris, Fimo, brush on latex, Flexwax, Sculptamold, Klean Klay, Plasteline, Alginate, Jovi modelling paste, Abbot's Red Clay, and Gypsoma Plaster Bandages. We stock a variety of modelling tools for sculpting, woodcut and linocuts.

Clays & Wax

  • ImPRESSive Re-Usable Putty NZD $20.70 - $138.00
    ImPRESSive Putty (ReMold Putty) requires no mixing or weighing. It is Eco-Friendly, Re-Usable, and Microwaveable too! Just press the object you want to duplicate into the molding putty or press the ImPRESSive Putty onto your object. It works like silicone molding putty, just better.... more »
    4 items
  • NSP Sulphur-Free Plasteline NZD $35.95
    NSP (Non Sulfurated Plasteline) NSP is a line of professional, sulfur free sculpting clays. Replacing sulphur minimizes difficulties associated to mold making with silicone rubber. NSP can be melted and poured at approximately 185°F Available in medium and hard. 2 pounds (906g)... more »
    2 items
  • Roma Plastilina NZD $39.95
    Roma Plastilina is considered by many to be the world’s finest modeling material. It is permanently pliable. The soft is extremely pliable and is used for making large sculptures–it is easily scraped from molds. The medium grade (#2) is generally used for portrait heads, busts, and figure work. Medium grade is easy to work with and is the most popular consistency.... more »
    2 items
  • Premo! Sculpey Modeling Clay 1 Pound NZD $34.95
    Premo! Sculpey is firmer than Sculpey III, and extremely durable when baked! From the makers of other Sculpey clays, it's a premium line of polymer clay. Designed especially to satisfy the needs of the artist, Premo! comes in a palette of vibrant colors modeled after those of oil paints. Beautiful used as is, they can also be mixed with other polymer clays, powders, or pigments for custom effects. Perfect for everything from sculpture, bead making, unique wearable art, and molds, to rubber stamping and home décor, Premo! is ready-to-use straight from the package. Smooth and pliable, it's easy to knead, yet stays firm enough for detailed work without crumbling. Oven baking hardens your creations, yet they remain flexible and durable, harder to break than those made with other clays.... more »
    3 items
  • Premo! Sculpey Modeling Clay 8 ounce NZD $17.95 3 items
  • Celluclay Instant Papeir Mache NZD $22.50
    No more mixing paste and cutting strips of paper– simply add water for a great sculpting medium that is completely non-toxic and safe. Celluclay will adhere to almost any surface and can be sawed, sanded or nailed when dry. Dries to a gray color 1lb.... more »

Modelling Tools

  • Ampersand Knife NZD $15.90
    Use the Scratch Knife for thin or wide precise parallel lines. The knife comes with two different nibs.... more »
  • Ampersand Fiber Brush Tool NZD $29.70
    The Fiber Brush is used to soften crisp edges and create gradual tonal values on claybord.... more »
  • Ampersand Line Tool NZD $23.70
    Use the Line Tool for parallel lines and cross-hatching. The tool has four needles tightly pressed together for fine detail.... more »
  • Fimo Professional Clay Extruder Set NZD $73.60
    Easy-to-use clay extruder for all unhardened modeling clays. The crank ensures ergonomic comfortable and effortless rotation. High-quality design and easy to clean.... more »
  • Fimo Professional Drill and Smoothing Tool NZD $19.95
    The drill on this tool is 2.5mm and 40mm in length. It is made of stainless steel and is rustproof. The drill is ideal for making holes in hardened clay e.g. beads. The smoothing tool is especially suitable to smooth raw materials, to cut off modeling clay and to accentuate raised designs. Easy to clean. ... more »
  • Fimo Professional Needle and V-Tool NZD $19.95
    This tool has a rustproof needle tip made of stainless steel. Ideal for making holes in beads, to smooth and model fine details and patterns, as well as to pick up and attach small clay parts. V-tool has a 60 degree angle and is 40mm in length. Ideal for carving to define areas and to cut regular grooves. Easy to clean. ... more »

Resins & Urethanes

  • Mold Release NZD $19.30 2 items
  • ComposiCast White NZD $39.10 - $64.40
    This Epoxy Cast Resin is designed for smooth, beautiful plastic castings with ComposiMold and ImPRESSive Putty. With low mixed viscocity it picks up all the details. 80D Shore Hardness, 30-45 Min. Working Time, Cures hard in 10 hours. Mixes 1:1 by weight or volume (no scale required). It cures to a bright white and is paintable, sandable and machinable. Also works great in silicone, latex and other molds. ... more »
    2 items
  • Composicast Clear Casting Resin NZD $40.10 - $62.50
    Clear Casting Plastic is an easy to use casting epoxy resin to create clear castings. It's simple to use with a 1:1 mix ratio (by weight or volume) and works extremely well with ComposiMold. Clear Casting is crystal clear with a 80D Shore Hardness. It has ha 45 minute working time and is jewelry-grade. ... more »
    2 items
  • Smooth-On EpoxAcast 690 NZD $115.30
    EpoxAcast® 690 is a UV Resistant clear casting epoxy that is ideal for making clear jewelry/beads or replacement lenses for kit cars and other applications requiring a rigid, clear finished product. EpoxAcast® 690 is also suitable for making clear molds and prototype parts. Clear castable epoxy - MIX RATIO: 100A: 30B; POT LIFE: 5 hours; CURE TIME: 24 hours; COLOR: Clear 2.6lbs... more »
  • Easy Cast NZD $73.95


  • Smooth-Cast 305 NZD $79.95
    Smooth-Cast (Easy to Cast) plastics are ultra-low viscosity resins that yield castings that are bright white or off-white. Vacuum degassing is not necessary and they offer the convenience of a 1:1 mis ratio. Fully cured castings are machinable and paintable. Smooth-Cast 305 has a 7 minute pot life and a 30 minute demold time. .86KG ... more »

Plaster of Paris & Papier Mache

  • ComposiStone 1 pound NZD $20.90 Out of Stock
    Harder Than Plaster...Smoother Than Cement. This system uses a dry mix and water at a ratio of 2.5 parts powder to 1 part water; and not less than 2 parts powder to 1 part water by weight or volume. It solidifies to a beautiful light Gray color. The texture is similar to a cement feel, but much smoother in appearance. Ideal for outdoor/lawn ornaments, shelf ornaments, sculptures, craft parts and other general applications.... more »
  • Celluclay Instant Papeir Mache NZD $22.50
    No more mixing paste and cutting strips of paper– simply add water for a great sculpting medium that is completely non-toxic and safe. Celluclay will adhere to almost any surface and can be sawed, sanded or nailed when dry. Dries to a gray color 1lb.... more »
  • Permastone Casting Compound NZD $17.95
    This plaster-like casting compound dries to be super-hard. Ideal for projects that require break-resistant casting. It can be finished with oils, acrylics, watercolors, poster colors, etc. In a 28oz. can.... more »
  • Plaster Wrap NZD $24.40
    PlasterWrap is super lightweight and incredibly strong to provide the ultimate "shell" foundation for every model project. It conforms the the most intricate terrain details and dries rock-hard in minutes. 8" x 15 feet.... more »
  • Plaster of Paris 2kg NZD $9.90
  • Gypsona Plaster Bandage 10cm x 3.5Metre NZD $6.20
    Gypsona is a premium quality plaster bandage and is the preferred brand by most experienced lifecasters for its creaminess and smoothness.... more »


  • Silicon Pigment NZD $27.50 - $39.95
    Pigment suitable for silicone rubber. 50gram jar... more »
    12 items
  • ComposiMold Reuseable Molding Material NZD $36.90 - $96.50
    When melted this molding material is 100% reusable. Many casts can be made using the same mold. It is a great material for artists who want to learn and become more involved in sculpting, modeling and mold making without the worry of mistakes or wasting material. This flexible, rubbery thermoplastic is great for small mold parts that require a stiffer mold making material. It is compatible with many different casting materials including clays, plaster, cement, epoxy, polyurethane and many others.... more »
    10 items
  • Setting You Up for Success!: Mold Making and Casting Guide NZD $59.95
    This 114-page book makes it easy to learn how to make molds from plastic, plaster, chocolate and more. It is filled with step-by-step instructions starting with simple one-part molds then continuing on to two-part molds and castings. The book guides artists through the basics of creating molds and casts with ComposiMold. It includes instructions for over 30 creative projects.... more »
  • ComposiMold Bubble Buster 6 ounce NZD $19.95
    Bubble Buster is a PVA mixture that reduces bubble formation when mold making. It works by reducing the surface tension so the bubbles rise up and away from the mold surface. To use, simply spray the original part with Bubble Buster after applying a mold release. Pour ComposiMold over the original part to make the mold. Bubble Buster is not intended for use in the mold for the casting process.... more »
  • Mold Builder NZD $34.10 - $63.80
    Use this liquid latex rubber for making three-dimensional molds. Simply brush several thin coats on an object you wish to duplicate and peel off a ready-to-use mold. It cleans up quickly with water. Mold Builder can be used for casting candle wax, plaster and resin. ... more »
    2 items
  • Sorta Clear 37 Silicone NZD $119.95
    SORTA-Clear® rubber is a premium water white translucent silicone rubber (platinum catalyst) which cures at room temperature with negligible shrinkage. This rubber features a high tensile and tear strength. SORTA-Clear® silicones are ideal for making prototype, jewelry or other molds of any configuration where model visibility is important (i.e. extracting a model from the mold via cutting). Materials such as urethane, epoxy or polyester resins can then be cast into SORTA-Clear® silicone without application of a release agent. Other materials such as wax and low melt metal alloys can also be cast into SORTA-Clear®. 1kg Sorta Clear® 37 offers the convenience of a 1A:1B by volume mix ratio FOOD SAFE... more »

Special Effects

  • Brass Metal Powder
    "Cold-Casting" is a term used to describe the process of mixing metal powder with a resin and applying the mixture into a mold. The finished casting gives the appearance and weight of solid metal. The metal cold-cast process is faster and much less expensive when compared with foundry casting of molten metal. Metal powders can be added to Smooth-On liquid plastics to create cold cast metal castings. ... more »
  • Krylon Looking Glass Finish 6oz NZD $29.95
    Transforms clear glass into a highly-reflective, mirror-like surface. Decorative, durable and easy to use. Just spray on reverse side of glass. Fast drying. 6oz ... more »
  • Sculpey Glazes NZD $9.50
    Protect projects and give them a glossy or satin finish with this glaze. It can be used before or after baking and will not peel. May be thinned with water.... more »
    2 items
  • Fimo Gold Powder NZD $14.80
    Apply powder to unhardened FIMO with a brush. After hardening, fix with varnish. Powder can also be stirred into the varnish.... more »
  • Fimo Silver Powder NZD $14.00
    Apply powder to unhardened FIMO with a brush. After hardening, fix with varnish. Powder can also be stirred into the varnish.... more »

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