We are constantly expanding our library of books that range from beginner's tutorials to reference books for the pros. We are happy to source any title you wish or let you browse through our extensive range of books and magazines that we have in our in-store studio!

New Books


  • Perspective Without Pain$44.00Out of Stock

    Artists who fear learning to draw in prospective or want to learn to create depth in their drawings and paintings should definitely get this paperback book. Each exercise is presented in an easy-to-follow and hands-on format that facilitates the learning process.

  • Lessons in Classical Drawing$59.95

    Juliette Aristides

    Ateliers have produced the greatest artists of all time, and now that educational model is experiencing a renaissance. The classical Atelier art training method is based on the nineteenth-century model of teaching artists by pairing them with a master artist over a period of years. Students begin by copying masterworks, then gradually progress to painting as their skills develop. This book presents the works of Old Masters and today’s most respected realist artists to demonstrate and teach the principles of realist drawing and painting, taking students step by step through the learning curve yet allowing them to work at their own pace.

  • Sketch Book for the Artist$43.90

    Sarah Simblet

    The complete guide to drawing -a unique blend of practical teaching and inspiration insights into classic and contemporary drawings. Detailed step-by-step demonstrations show you how to develop your natural talents, discover new ideas, and improve your drawing skills. Sarah Simblet's drawings inspire you to explore different subjects and fill you own sketchbooks. A rich selection of drawing illustrates different approaches to a wide range of subjects. Sarah covers how to use a variety of materials from pencil and ink to pastel, charcoal and silverpoint, and to apply the key elements of drawing including perspective, shape and tone.

  • The Artist's Complete Guide to Drawing the Head$59.00

    The Secrets of Chiaroscuro Revealed

    In The Artist's Complete Guide to Drawing the Head artist William Maughan walks readers through the steps to drawing heads in chiaroscuro. After learning the principles of chiaroscuro, including how to recognize shadow shapes and their edges, you will learn how to apply the method to drawing the head. A comprehensive chapter on anatomy will help you correctly place the features. The last two chapters of the book - "Drawing from Multiple Sources" and "Working with Color" -are variation on the theme of chiaroscuro in which it's principles are taken to new levels. Once mastered, this time-honored method will enable you to draw anything realistically.

  • Dynamic Wrinkles And Drapery$47.90Out of Stock

    Burne Hogarth bases this book on his theory that understanding how the body moves is key to rendering clothing. Through examining and studying 200 of his black and white illustrations of clothed male and female figures, learn how to accurately depict wrinkles, folds and drapery including bend wrinkles, crossing wrinkles, compression wrinkles, flying wrinkles and passive wrinkles. Each illustration is accompanied by a brief description and instructions for drawing.

  • Dynamic Figure Drawing$43.90Out of Stock

    This book introduces the author's own revolutionary system of figure drawing -a system which makes it possible to visualize the forms of the human body from every conceivable point of view as they interlock in deep space. With this system you will be able to draw an incredible variety of poses, actions, and gestures without a model, and with the correct relationships between forms.

  • Drawing The Human Head$43.90Out of Stock

    In a dramatic series of 300 extra ordinary drawing and diagrams, Burne Hogarth masterfully analyzes the basic structure, proportions, and anatomy of the the human head. He carefully delineates the precise form and musculature of every facial feature; he outline wrinkle patterns and demonstrates how to draw the human head from every angle. Step-by-step, he clearly explains how to age the face year by year, from birth to old age.

  • Drawing Dynamic Hands$44.95

    Aspiring comic artists and illustrators will definitely benefit from adding this title to their bookshelves. Drawing on the expertise of Burne Hogarth, the author and creator of the Tarzan character, this paperback book teaches how to render the movement of human hands. Included are 300 black and white illustrations which enhance the instructions.

  • Drawing Animals$43.90Out of Stock

    With the aid of black and white illustrations, this paperback book teaches you how to draw many kinds of wild and domestic animals. Details of surface anatomy, skeletons, muscles and action poses are all included.

Oil Painting

  • Oil Painting Secrets from a Master$59.90

    Artist and teacher, David Lefel from the Art Students League shares his secrets for making professional quality paintings in this 144-page, paperback book. Topics covered include massing values, chiaroscuro, color and value and handling edges.

  • Traditional Oil Painting$69.95Out of Stock

    As more and more artists today look to the past, there has been a tremendous resurgence of interest in painting realistically—in creating convincing illusions of three-dimensional depth on two-dimensional surfaces. How did the Old Masters create their masterpieces? What kind of education allowed these great artists to create such beautiful work, and how can an artist learn these lessons today? Traditional Oil Painting answers those questions and many more. This comprehensive sourcebook explores the most advanced levels of oil painting, with full information on the latest scientific discoveries. It examines the many elements that let artists take the next step in their work: mental attitude, aesthetic considerations, the importance of drawing, principles of visual reality, materials, techniques, portraiture, photographic images versus visual reality and color.

Acrylic Painting

  • Incredible Acrylics$39.95Out of Stock

    Techniques, ideas and new ways to use this versatile medium

    Jean-Paul van Boxtel combines his talents as an artist and a photographer in this sumptuously illustrated guide to painting with acrylics. Covering all the latest trends in materials and techniques, this innovative book will excite and inspire you to try out this fantastic medium. As well as proividing a comprehensive guide to the various products available, including paints and media.

Watercolour Painting

Calligraphy & Lettering


  • Artistic Anatomy$49.95

    Translated and edited by Robert Beverly Hale, this book is the most complete guide to achieving precise shapes for the forms of the human body.



Colour Guides

Book Art

Sculpture & Model Making

  • Setting You Up for Success!: Mold Making and Casting Guide$59.95Out of Stock

    This 114-page book makes it easy to learn how to make molds from plastic, plaster, chocolate and more. It is filled with step-by-step instructions starting with simple one-part molds then continuing on to two-part molds and castings. The book guides artists through the basics of creating molds and casts with ComposiMold. It includes instructions for over 30 creative projects.

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