Hobby & Craft

For our hobby artist, we sell a great range of detail brushes, Humbrol enamel paint and Tamiya acrylic paint. Tamiya is suitable for plastics, glass, ceramics and stone and comes in pottles or spray cans.

We also stock tempera powder paint, Fastex fabric paint, Le Franc & Bougeouis silk, tile and glass paints, and Marabu textile and porcelain paint markers. We also sell FAS liquid dyes and poster paints, and Rub n' Buff and Brush n' Leaf metallic paints. We have supplies for Candle makers, balsa wood for model makers and a large selection of glues and tapes to suit each and every project.

Textile Paint/Markers

  • Jacquard Color Remover 2 ounce NZD $9.40
    Color remover whitens fabric while removing dye and stains. It is not a bleach and will not harm fabric. Soak the fabric in a Color Remover and water solution no detergents are necessary.... more »
  • Jacquard deColourant Mist 4 ounce NZD $16.00
    deColourant is a ready-to-use printing paste for removing areas of color from dyed natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. Unlike bleach, deColourant removes color without jeopardizing the integrity of the fiber.... more »
  • Jacquard deColourant 8 ounce NZD $14.60
    deColourant is a ready-to-use printing paste for removing areas of color from dyed natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. Unlike bleach, deColourant removes color without jeopardizing the integrity of the fiber.... more »
  • SolarFast Starter Kit NZD $49.95
    This kit is a great way to get started with SolarFast. It includes three colors of 2 oz. SolarFast Dye including violet, orange and blue, three sheets of SolarFast Film, SolarFast Wash, SolarFast Film Pen, a backer board, sponges, pins and test fabric. It includes everything needed to start solar printing shadow prints and continuous tone photographs.... more »
  • Airfix NZD $18.00 - $64.00
    Jacquard Airfix is an additive for Jacquard Textile colors, Lumiere, Neopaque and Dye-Na-Flow or any acrylic fabric paint. Use as a catalyst to fix colors when heat setting is not practical.... more »
    2 items
  • Lumiere Halo & Jewels Exciter Pack NZD $32.00
    This assortment includes nine Lumiere colors in 1/2 oz. sample sizes. Colors include: halo blue gold, halo pink gold, halo violet gold, metallic russet, pearlescent emerald, pearlescent magenta, pearlescent turquoise, pewter and sunset gold.... more »

Model Paint

  • Tamiya Spray Can NZD $14.80 - $1,414.80
    These cans of spray paint are extremely useful for painting large surfaces. The paint is a synthetic lacquer that cures in a short period of time. Each can contains 100ml of paint, which is enough to fully cover 2 or 3, 1/24 scale sized car bodies. Tamiya spray paints are not affected by acrylic or enamel paints. Therefore, following the painting of the entire assembly, details can be added or picked out using enamel and/or acrylic paints. By combining three different paints, the decoration of plastic models will become simpler and more effective. This item cannot be delivered to rural delivery addresses ... more »
    50 items
  • Tamiya Mixing Jar NZD $2.60 - $4.40 2 items
  • Tamiya Mini Model Paint NZD $5.00 - $16.60
    Tamiya Acrylic Paints are made from water-soluble acrylic resins and are excellent for either brush or spray painting. These paints can be used on styrol resins, styrofoam, wood, plus all of the common model plastics. The paint covers well, flows smoothly with no blushing or fading, and can be blended easily. Each bottle of the Tamiya Acrylic Paint Mini Series contains 10ml of paint.... more »
    76 items
  • Humbrol Enamel NZD $5.30
    A solvent-based, fast-dry paint developed for use on plastic model kits but which can also be used on other substrates. 14ml... more »
    52 items

Model Making

  • Styrofoam Balls NZD $1.25 - $26.95 14 items
  • Modeling Pulp Board NZD $11.95
    This cream-colored, neutral pH board is ideal for architectural models. It cuts like soft butter at any angle allowing for precise detail work with ease. The edges can be sanded to hide markings and mistakes, and the surface can be sanded for texture. The surface accepts a variety of media for realistic effects. The board can be easily bent using boiling water. It works well with adhesives for adding coverings or to laminate it to additional boards. Size: 30" x 40" x 1/16" minimum order on this product is 3 sheets... more »
  • Wireform NZD $10.00 - $22.60
    WireForm is a versatile metal modeling material that can be formed into any shaped desired. Its rust-proof mesh is pliable enough to bend yet sturdy enough to hold three-dimensional shapes. Use as an armature base for modeling or as a craft material to make beautiful objects.... more »
    5 items
  • Plaster Wrap NZD $24.40
    PlasterWrap is super lightweight and incredibly strong to provide the ultimate "shell" foundation for every model project. It conforms the the most intricate terrain details and dries rock-hard in minutes. 8" x 15 feet.... more »
  • Foam Board 5mm NZD $2.90 - $42.95
    Foamboard is the perfect backing for larger framed works and a great mounting board for artwork or posters. It is also a great board for tabletop displays and signs. 5mm Foamboard is made of resilient extruded polystyrene foam core, laminated on both sides with a white coated-paper stock. It cuts easily with a mat or utility knife, and can be scored and folded. minimum order on this product is 3 sheets... more »
    10 items
  • Foam Board 3mm NZD $7.20 - $13.60
    Foamboard is the perfect backing for larger framed works and a great mounting board for artwork or posters. It is also a great board for tabletop displays and signs. 3mm Foamboard is made of resilient extruded polystyrene foam core, laminated on both sides with a white coated-paper stock. It cuts easily with a mat or utility knife, and can be scored and folded. minimum order of 3 x on the 32 x 40 sheets... more »
    2 items

Hobby & Craft: Glass & Ceramic Paint

  • Marbling Color NZD $8.95
    Marbling is the ancient art of floating paint on the surface of thickened water (known as the “marbling size”) and then transferring the floating design onto paper or fabric. It has a rich history throughout Europe and Asia. Jacquard’s marbling system (available in the Jacquard Marbling Kit) eliminates the guesswork that is typically associated with marbling and allows even beginners to achieve professional-quality results. All Jacquard’s Marbling Colors spread equally on the marbling size and produce the most intense colors possible. On fabric, the Marbling Colors are soft to the touch and completely washfast after heat setting. On other porous and semi-porous surfaces, the paints have excellent adhesion. FABRIC/FIBER/SURFACES any porous or semi-porous surface, including natural and synthetic fabrics, canvas, paper, wood, leather and more... more »
    10 items
  • Jacquard Marbling Kit NZD $39.95
  • Marabu Easy Marble 15ml NZD $4.99
    Easy Marble is a solvent-based paint used with water to create quick and elegant marbled patterns on either flat surfaces or dimensional objects. Just drip, swirl, dip and done! It adheres to paper, glass, plastic, metal, wax, wood, papier-mâché, polyester, polypropylene, smooth foam and many other surfaces. 15 ml jar.... more »
    20 items
  • Marabu Cleaner & Thinner NZD $11.30
    Universal cleaner and thinner for cleaning brushes and diluting paints and varnishes based on organic solvents, e.g. Marabu GlasArt. 100ml... more »
  • Decorfin Relief Paint NZD $11.99
    Relief Paint gives a vibrant three-dimensional effect. Adheres to both absorbent and non-absorbent grounds such as paper, cardboard, wood, stone, plaster, earthenware, glass and plexiglas. Newer tubes will be branded as Amsterdam Relief Paint. It is still the same product from the same manufacturer... more »
    12 items
  • Marabu Glasart Set of 4 NZD $30.00
    High-gloss, transparent, solvent-based glass paint for painting on glass, acrylic, mirrors, porcelain, ceramic, metal films and wood. The intense, bright colour shades have a good flow, are exceptionally fade-resistant and intermixable. Paintbrush and Black Outliner included. 15ml paint pots... more »
  • Marabu Porcelain Set of 6 NZD $34.00
    Water-based, high-gloss, brilliant porcelain and ceramic paint -ideal for creatively decorating porcelain, ceramic, terracotta, earthenware, prefired ceramic, metal, glass.... more »
  • Marabu Easy Marble Set of 6 NZD $30.00
    For marbling on a variety of objects such as eggs, balls, etc. made of glass, plastic, wood or polystyrene as well as paper, silk and many fabrics (paint is not wash resistant).... more »

Face & Body Paint

  • Special FX Spirit Gum NZD $13.80
    A 10ml bottle of water-soluble glue for securing beads, sequins, false hair and other items to the face. Snazaroo produces the finest face and body art materials that will ensure you and your friends have a fantastic time.... more »
  • Jagua All Natural Temporary Tattoo Kit NZD $29.95
    A bluish-black temporary tattoo ink made from an Amazonian fruit juice, Jagua has been used by indigenous peoples of the Amazon for thousands of years to create body art. Safe, non-toxic and 100% natural, Jagua tattoos last 1-2 weeks and look like a real tattoo! Apply to any part of the body to express yourself, fool your friends or test drive tattoo ideas.... more »
  • Mehndi Henna Kit NZD $25.70
    Create exotic temporary tattoos in the East Indian style using this henna dye kit. Everything needed to create your own body art is included. Tattoos last approximately 10 days.... more »
  • Gel Blood NZD $17.30
  • Snazaroo Special FX Kit NZD $44.00
    This set contains Gel Blood, Sculpting Wax, Stipple Sponge, Face Paint, Special FX Tool and Step-by-step guide.... more »
  • Snazaroo Special FX Wax NZD $17.50
    Use Special FX Wax for creating cuts, wounds, warts, scars and more! ... more »


  • Cyanotype Fabric Sheets NZD $43.95 - $99.95
    These pre-treated Cyanotype Fabrics make cyanotype printing easier than ever before. Simply expose the fabric to sunlight or UV (3-15 minutes, depending on conditions), placing objects or a film negative on top to create an image. After exposure, prints are processed in a tray of cool water and allowed to air dry. 8.5" x 11" 30 sheets... more »
    3 items
  • Jacquard Film Marker NZD $5.95
    This resist pen is completely opaque, fast drying, non-toxic and perfect to use for marking film media. It can be used to draw designs directly onto SolarFast film. It can also be used with screen printers to make prints from original drawings. The pen has a medium 1.2mm point. The carded version can be hung on the side of the SolarFast rack.... more »
  • SolarFast Film NZD $29.95
    SolarFast Film is used in an ink jet printer to create film negatives to print continuous tone designs on paper or fabric with SolarFast Dyes. Eight 8.5" x 11" sheets per package.... more »
  • SolarFast Dye NZD $19.95
    These dyes are used to create photograms, continuous tone photographs, shadow prints and ombr s on fabric and paper. It is also great for painting, tie-dyeing, screen-printing, stamping, batik and more. 4 ounce bottles ... more »
    16 items
  • Jacquard Basic Dyes NZD $9.80
    The perfect solution for hard-to-dye materials. Developed for acrylic fibers (e.g. faux fur, wigs and inexpensive yarn), these dyes are also the go-to for wood, reeds, straw, paper, leather and hemp! Use them for potpourri, dolls, buttons and furniture, or add to Piñata Claro Extender for custom alcohol ink colors. ... more »
    13 items
  • Cochineal NZD $23.50 - $99.95
    Cochineal is among the most ancient and versatile natural dyes on the planet. It has excellent light and washfastness properties and produces a beautiful range of reds, scarlets, violets, fuchsias and purples. Permanent on all natural fibers, cochineal is often used with a mordant such as alum. The color (carminic acid) comes from the bodies of female insects of the species Dactylopius coccus. These parasitic insects are farmed on the prickly pear cactus (nopal), which is native to Mexico, Central and South America. Jacquard’s Cochineal comes directly from a small, family owned and operated, organic farm co-op in Lima, Peru.... more »
    2 items

Special Effects

  • Pearl Ex Varnish NZD $11.95
    Designed for use with Pearl Ex Pigments, this water-based varnish can be used as a medium and as a top coat. It works well on paper, clay, metal, wood or plastic and cleans up easily with water. It can also be used to make lustrous metallic paints, glazes and durable finishes on a variety of surfaces. Available in 2.25 oz. bottles.... more »
  • Pearl Ex Gift Set NZD $59.95
  • Krylon Sea Glass 12oz NZD $24.20
    Get a sophisticated, beach-inspired look on your glass projects! These soothing coastal colors can be applied to any clear glass surface to produce a semi-transparent, smooth, frosted and powdery finish that resembles glass tumbled by smooth waves. It offers excellent adhesion and durability for indoor decorating projects. It dries to the touch in 15 minutes and is available in 12 oz. cans.... more »
    4 items
  • Krylon Colormaster Rose Gold 11oz NZD $23.20
    Krylon Rose Gold ColorMaster Spray Paint & Primer combines superior Krylon color and durable ColorMax technology with a one-can convenience. The result is a fast-drying, long-lasting performance! The hue is clean and crisp and achieves better hide without having to rely on shading or fillers that can muddy or wash out color. Spray metal, wood, and plastic with comfort and control.... more »
  • Pearl Ex Mica Pigments NZD $5.95
    These non-toxic, powdered pigments are ideal for interior, exterior and archival applications. They mix into any viscous medium or may be spread dry on any porous surface to produce deep-luster metallic effects. Pearl-Ex pigments are extremely colorfast and stable. Their temperature resistance allows them to be fired in a kiln up to 600 degrees. 3 grams... more »
    48 items
  • Daler-Rowney Goldfinger Varnish 75ml NZD $28.70
    Goldfinger, a unique product developed by Daler-Rowney, is an all-purpose, rub-on metallic paste available in five finishes. It can be used for anything from the restoration of antiques to gilding picture frames; or for stencilling, plaster, clay or wood decoration, mouldings for imitation ormolu furniture, textiles, leather, plastics, model making and greeting cards.... more »

Low Cost Water-Base Paint


  • Soft Handled Scissors NZD $42.00
    Comfortable, soft cushion grip with fine serrated blade. Precision, ground edge with adjustable blade tension. Angled blade reduces fatigue and allows easier cutting on flat surfaces. Ideal for all heavy duty cutting including fabric, leather, cardboard, rope and many other materials around the home and office. 8.25"... more »
  • Celco Craft Scissors NZD $2.95 4 items

Hobby, Misc.

  • Sodium Alginate NZD $16.50 Out of Stock
    A derivative of seaweed, use this additive to thicken fabric dyes. It is used to control spreading when painting or screen printing. Use Sodium Alginate SH primarily on cotton or other cellulose fibers. It can also be used on silk when fine line definition is not required. Use Sodium Alginate F on silk and synthetics when fine line definition is required. In 2 oz. bags.... more »
  • Carrageenan NZD $51.70 - $98.20
    Carageenan is a seaweed derived gelling agent that provides viscosity for marbling on fabric. Slowly sprinkle one teaspoon of Calgon and two teaspoons of Carageenan into a quart of water in a running blender. Mix as many batches as you will need at least 12 hours before marbling.... more »
    2 items
  • Tjanting Bakit Needle NZD $5.00
  • Alum 1lb NZD $12.00
    When marbling, use Alum to pre-treat fabric for clear transfer of designs. One cup of alum is dissolved in water along with four teaspoons of Calgon, to create a solution for submerging the fabric. Wring out the fabric without rinsing and allow to air dry before marbling.... more »
  • Inkjet Fabric Sheets 10 pack NZD $33.95
    Add personalized artwork to your fabric projects, with Jacquard's Ink Jet Fabric 8.5'' x 11'' Cotton Sheets (10 pack) Print photos and art from your computer using these cotton sheets in your inkjet printer or copier After printing, just peel off the paper backing, and attach to your project by sewing or using fusible bonding material 10 sheets, each 8.5'' x 11''; Made in the USA from 100% cotton; Suitable for age 8 and up For over 30 years, Jacquard has been the leading manufacturer of artist quality textile, mixed media and craft products.... more »
  • Iron-On Transfer Paper 3 pack NZD $12.60
    Jacquard Transfer Paper is an iron-on transfer method for light colored fabrics. Images and designs can be can be made from kid's drawings, photos, clip art, scanned images and text. The Transfer Paper can be run through an inkjet copier or printer. You can also draw directly onto the Transfer Paper with crayon, markers or inks.... more »

Scrapbook & Journal

  • Kraft-tex Paper Fabric NZD $182.95
    You'll love this rugged paper that looks and feels like leather but sews, cuts and washes just like fabric. Supple, yet strong enough to use for projects that get tough wear. Use it to bring an exciting new texture to your sewing projects, mixed media arts and book making. Machine wash and tumble dry. 19" x 10yds... more »
    3 items
  • Gelatos Colors NZD $4.95
    Nothing on the market today compares with Design Memory Craft Gelatos®. Compact acid-free pigment sticks glide on creamy smooth for vibrant color and coverage. All Gelatos® blend easily with or without water. Try this unique medium on paper, canvas, or wood!... more »
    30 items
  • Super Tape NZD $7.60 - $9.40
    SuperTape™ is the strongest acid-free clear adhesive available. Adhere metals, paper, rubber charms, ribbon, wood, beads, seed beads, micro beads, glitter, sand, shells, heavy or bulky items. Or simply decorate the tape itself to use as a custom embellishment. SuperTape™ is ultra clear and heat resistant, perfect for heat embossing on cards and as custom accents. Acid-free... more »
    4 items
  • Gelatos Double Scoops NZD $9.95
    Gelatos are creamy sticks infused with color. The color glides easily onto papers and can then be dissolved with water to create watercolor effects or left to dry for vibrant color. Over double the size ~approx. 0.5oz Perfect for scrapbooking and paper crafts Gelatos glide on a creamy vibrant color and blend beautifully with or without water Add brilliant shimmering effect in one color or add to other colors Gelatos work great on dark paper and on smooth and textured surfaces, even canvas Use the Gelatos to try out the reverse stamping method- use the Gelato to make a field of color and then use a clean stamp to remove the ink, leaving the design on the paper Acid-free and odorless... more »
    18 items
  • Black & White Gelatos NZD $9.95 Out of Stock
  • Mix & Match Gelatos Colors Gift Set NZD $119.95 Out of Stock
    Mix & Match mades designing with color simple. Choose colors that inspire you. Choose a medium. Mix & Match as you create. Perfect for all your design, memory and craft projects. Set Includes: 28 Gelatos Colors (including 6 metallics) Water Brush 4 Blending tools Fully Illustrated Technique Booklet ... more »

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