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  • Metallic Caligraphy Ink
    Metallic Caligraphy Ink$33.20
    This calligraphy ink is perfect for creating dazzling metallic effects with calligraphy, greeting cards or other art projects on dark colored papers. Bottles contain 60ml of ink.
    2 items
  • Calligraphy : Dr. Martin's Iridescent Calligraphy Ink
    Dr. Martin's Iridescent Calligraphy Ink$19.00
    Brilliant, shimmering iridescent colors that will add life and creativity to your rubber stamping and airbrushing. They are ideal for use on paper, wood, plastic, metal, board and polyshrink. The ink is non-toxic and dries waterproof ensuring that your artwork lasts. Available in 1 oz. bottles.
    6 items
  • Calligraphy : Manuscript Ink Cartridges
    Manuscript Ink Cartridges$6.70-$12.004 items
  • Calligraphy : Pilot Parallel Pen Cartridge Refills
    Pilot Parallel Pen Cartridge Refills$4.95-$7.95
    Mixable color ink refills designed for use with Pilot Parallel Pens. Single colors are sold in packs of 6. The 12-Color set includes black, black/blue, sepia, violet, blue, turquoise, green, light green, yellow, orange, red and pink.
    6 items
  • Calligraphy : Higgins Eternal Permanent Ink
    Higgins Eternal Permanent Ink$11.50
    A permanent dense black, carbon writing ink. Excellent for calligraphy, fountain pens and airbrushes. 2.5 oz. bottle
  • Calligraphy : Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Ink 30ml
    Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Ink 30ml$18.40-$21.00
    Winsor & Newton have used their expertise in the production of fine inks since the 1890s to create a wide range of colours which are brilliant and lightfast, allowing today's calligraphers to continue to create this important and flourishing art form.
    18 items



  • Calligraphy : Fudenosuke Brush Pen Set
    Fudenosuke Brush Pen Set$13.95
    Contains both the soft and hard tip Fudenosuke Brush Pens. Features a flexible brush tip for different lettering and drawing techniques. Create extra-fine, fine or medium strokes by a change in brush pressure. Great for calligraphy and art drawings. Barrels are made of recycled polypropylene plastic. Soft tip and hard tip– water-based, pigmented black ink. Odorless. Non-refillable.
  • Calligraphy : Elegant Writer Calligraphy Pens
    Elegant Writer Calligraphy Pens$4.95
    Economical and versatile pens for lettering and calligraphy. The colors are water-based, and embossed pen caps help you to easily identify the nib width.
    4 items
  • Calligraphy : Sakura Calligraphy Pens
    Sakura Calligraphy Pens$9.95
    This calligraphy pen with a flat nib allows you to produce beautiful lettering with very little practice. Pen Touch comes in brilliant opaque metallic gold, silver or white ink, which dries quickly on paper, and is permanent on most surfaces, including plastic, wood, glass, and metal. The point produces a 1.8mm line. The pens are xylene-free and low in odor.
    4 items
  • Calligraphy : Itoya Doubleheader
    Itoya Doubleheader$5.20
    The Doubleheader Calligraphy Marker provides the performance for all lettering projects. Two chisel points give the option of thick or thin lines: a 3.0mm wide point for bold, distinctive lines and a 1.5mm narrow point for smaller, intricate designs. Perfect for lettering, arts and crafts, scrapbooks and wedding invitations. The acid-free ink is safe and fade-resistant.
  • Calligraphy : Yasutomo Calligraphy Pens
    Yasutomo Calligraphy Pens$3.00
    These unique mini-chiseled markers have a generous ink flow and are perfect for scrolls, serifs, flourishes and alphabetic finery. The make a great finish to scrapbooks.
    2 items
  • Calligraphy : Yasutomo Combination Bamboo Pen & Brush
    Yasutomo Combination Bamboo Pen & Brush$27.60
    This bamboo sketching pen has two useful ends- one end is used as a pen for ink drawing and painting, the other is a brush for Sumi or color sketching.
  • Calligraphy : Rotring Lettering Art Pens
    Rotring Lettering Art Pens$64.60
    The Rotring Letting ArtPen is the ideal tool for the pursuit of the calligraphic art. Combines the balance and nib shape of the quill pen with the convenience of a modern fountain pen, for easy, aesthetic writing. Pen and 5 cartridges in a metal storage box. Uses international cartridges or optional convertor.
    2 items
  • Calligraphy : Pilot Parallel Pens
    Pilot Parallel Pens$22.95
    These calligraphy pens introduce a 'Parallel Plate Structure'. The nib point consists of two parallel plates fed a continuous flow of ink from a cartridge in the pen barrel. Four nib sizes, 1.5, 2.4, 3.8 & 6mm and 12 different ink cartridges colours. A superb design and a delight to use.
    Each pen set contains a Parallel Pen, a convertor for flushing out the nib, a nib cleaner and two ink cartridges.
    4 items


  • Calligraphy : Calli-Sumi Brushes
    Calli-Sumi Brushes$7.80-$10.70
    Calli-Sumi brushes are made with coarse, stiff horse hair which gives a crisp touch. Each brush has been made to suit the demands of various styles of brush calligraphy and Sumi-e, an ancient syle of painting renowned for is simplicity, grace and beauty.
    6 items



  • Calligraphy : BobDob Painting Collection Vol. One
    BobDob Painting Collection Vol. One$29.95
    Designed by Mark Murphy Design, this Limited Edition Book of Bob Dob's drawings and paintings is signed and numbered by the artist. Edition of 800.

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