Long before Johann Sebastian founded his own pencil manufacturing plant on 3rd October 1835, one of his ancestors, Friedrich Staedtler, had already been active in the pencil-making trade with records of him in Nuremberg's city annals dating as far back as 1662. He was able to transfer the experience and expertise he had gathered in the traditional craft of pencil making in the workshop of his father Paulus Staedtler to the new, industrial factory - officially recognised and certified by Nuremberg’s city council. Nowadays, around 2.500 people work for Europe's largest manufacturer of blacklead and coloured pencils. As to be expected in today’s environment of globalisation, the company has since established international subsidiaries around the world and production plants on all continents but, nevertheless, it is in Nuremberg, the home town of its founder, that the heart of the company still very much beats. If you don't see the Staedtler product that you are interested in, please contact us via our contact page for special orders
  • Staedtler Marsmatic Drawing Ink Black 22ml
    Staedtler Marsmatic Drawing Ink Black 22ml$11.80
    For use on paper and film
  • Staedtler : Fimo Professional Clay Extruder Set
    Fimo Professional Clay Extruder Set$73.60
    Easy-to-use clay extruder for all unhardened modeling clays. The crank ensures ergonomic comfortable and effortless rotation. High-quality design and easy to clean.
  • Staedtler : Fimo Professional Drill and Smoothing Tool
    Fimo Professional Drill and Smoothing Tool$32.00
    The drill on this tool is 2.5mm and 40mm in length. It is made of stainless steel and is rustproof. The drill is ideal for making holes in hardened clay e.g. beads. The smoothing tool is especially suitable to smooth raw materials, to cut off modeling clay and to accentuate raised designs. Easy to clean.
  • Staedtler : Fimo Professional Needle and V-Tool
    Fimo Professional Needle and V-Tool$19.95
    This tool has a rustproof needle tip made of stainless steel. Ideal for making holes in beads, to smooth and model fine details and patterns, as well as to pick up and attach small clay parts. V-tool has a 60 degree angle and is 40mm in length. Ideal for carving to define areas and to cut regular grooves. Easy to clean.
  • Staedtler : Fimo Professional Ball Tool
    Fimo Professional Ball Tool$19.95Out of Stock
    This tool has 2 different balls made of chrome-plated carbon steel, 1.5mm & 8mm. Ideal for shaping soft modeling clay e.g. shaping hollows, arches or eye sockets. Suitable for various applications and modeling fine details. Easy to clean.
  • Staedtler : Fimo Professional Clay Shaper
    Fimo Professional Clay Shaper$19.95
    This Clay Shaper has an extra firm silicon, taper point and flat chisel for precise sculpting and shaping of modeling clay. Easy to clean.
  • Staedtler : Staedtler Mars Matic 745 Technical Pen Set
    Staedtler Mars Matic 745 Technical Pen Set$200.00
  • Staedtler : Staedtler Mars 661 Drawing Board A3
    Staedtler Mars 661 Drawing Board A3$290.70
  • Staedtler : Staedtler Lumocolor
    Staedtler Lumocolor$4.60
    Design awarded universal pen for use on overhead film and almost all surfaces; S and M also suitable for use on CDs/DVDs. DRY SAFE: The pen can be left uncapped for days without drying up. Airplane-safe: An automatic pressure equalization prevents the pen from leaking on board aircraft.
    2 items
  • Staedtler : Staedlter Metric Extra Large Circles
    Staedlter Metric Extra Large Circles$44.99
    With built in ink risers, this templates has 13 circles with diameters from 34mm to 85mm in 5mm increments. 200mm scale and rounded corners which can be used as 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm radii. Includes a 200mm scale. Made from dimensionally stable .8mm green transparent plastic with a matt finish on one side to reduce glare. Cut-out identification and ruler scales are printed in easy-to-read black ink. Centering lines are printed around the cutouts (where applicable). Designed for use with a 0.5mm pencil lead.
  • Staedtler : Staedtler Mars Matic 700 Technical Pen Set
    Staedtler Mars Matic 700 Technical Pen Set$269.80
    4 sizes, 0.25 to 0.7mm
  • Staedtler : Staedtler Digital Pen
    Staedtler Digital Pen$320.00
    The Staedtler Digital Pen can capture any handwritten notes or drawings on a plain paper and store them in its internal flash memory. Captured notes can be uploaded to computer via its USB interface. It really helps when you are away from the computer and you need to capture any instant thoughts or important points. The Staedtler Digital Pen consists of a digital pen and a small receiving unit, which combines Ultrasound and Infared technologies with sophisticated algorithms to enable an accurate tracking and positioning system that tracks the movement of the tip of the pen on any surface and converts the movement into a vector image of the user's handwriting or imagery. The digital pen transmits handwritings and images to the receiver unit for storage.
  • Staedtler Mars A3 Drawing Board Bag
    Staedtler Mars A3 Drawing Board Bag$57.00
  • Staedtler Mars Variomatic Drafting Head A3 Board
    Staedtler Mars Variomatic Drafting Head A3 Board$104.50
  • Staedtler Mars A3 College Drawing Board with Carry Box
    Staedtler Mars A3 College Drawing Board with Carry Box$266.00
  • Staedtler : Staedtler French Curves
    Staedtler French Curves$20.00
  • Staedtler : Staedtler Mars Drying Cleaning Pad
    Staedtler Mars Drying Cleaning Pad$11.00Out of Stock
    This pad absorbs dirt and other materials from drawings and tools. The soft cotton pad never needs washing and it cleans completely with no abrasion, static cling or streaking. It cleans polyester, film, cloth, vellum and paper. Just knead cleaning pad to release grit-free powder.
  • Staedtler : Staedtler Set Squares
    Staedtler Set Squares$8.95-$15.955 items
  • Staedtler : Staedtler Triplus Color Fibre-tip Pen Set 20
    Staedtler Triplus Color Fibre-tip Pen Set 20$59.95
    Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens are an innovative product concept with all features designed specifically with one goal in mind: fatigue-free writing, drawing and coloring. Each Staedtler Triplus Color Brush Pen has a 1.0mm tip.
    The fiber brush tip is a ergonomic triangular shape, slip-resistant pen surface. Each pen features “dry safe” ink —making it unnecessary to keep replacing pen caps all the time. Caps can be left uncapped for days without drying up.
  • Staedtler : Fimo Modelling Tools
    Fimo Modelling Tools$12.00
  • Staedtler School Compass with extension bar
    Staedtler School Compass with extension bar$41.00
  • Staedtler : Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Sets
    Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Sets$28.50-$57.00
    Acid-free ink that doesn't dry out. The ink in these unique pens is specially formulated to flow smoothly and avoid drying out, even when the cap is left off for 2 days. And the porous tip helps draw ink onto the paper for sharp, skip-free lines.
    2 items
  • Staedtler : Staedtler Triplus Fineliners
    Staedtler Triplus Fineliners$2.50
    Staedtler's fineliners are the perfect solution for your daily writing needs.
    13 items
  • Staedtler : Staedtler Lumograph Pencil Sets
    Staedtler Lumograph Pencil Sets$25.00-$49.40
    Premium-quality pencil for writing, drawing and sketching on paper and matt drafting film, the wide range of degrees makes Lumograph the ideal tool for artists and graphic designers.
    3 items

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