Printmaking originated in China after paper was invented (about A.D. 105). Relief printing first flourished in Europe in the 15th century, when the process of papermaking was imported from the East. Since that time, relief printing has been augmented by the various techniques such as relief printing, intaglio, planographic, stencil and viscosity printing.


  • Canson Edition 250gsm 560 x 760 NZD $9.40
    Canson Edition is 100% cotton and complies with the ISO 9706 standard on permanence, a guarantee of optimal conservation. It has the advantage of having a different texture on its two sides, one smooth, the other fine grain. A versatile product, this art paper is ideal for drawing and traditional art printing techniques..... more »
    2 items
  • Tiepolo 280gsm 560 x 760 NZD $9.50 Out of Stock
    Mould-made watermarked paper suitable for all art printing techniques (etching, engravings, lithography, silkscreen, xilogrpahy, wood cuts, and linoleum). Made of 100% cotton according to ISO 9706 standards "Long Life". It is acid-free, which guarantees permanence to ageing. There are four deckled edges and a watermark at the bottom right-hand corner of the sheet.... more »
  • Fabriano Rosaspina 285gsm 500 x 700 NZD $6.20
    Paper made with high-quality raw material(60% cotton). It complies with ISO 9706 "Long-Life" standards. It is acid-free, thereby guaranteeing permanence and resistance to ageing. Rosapina paper is produced with cylinder machines, and it is suitable for all art print techniques (engraving, lithography, silk-screening). The watermark runs parallel to the two long sides of the sheet and reproduces the Fabriano trademark and logo. There are two deckled edges.... more »


  • Mastercut Blocks NZD $5.20 - $15.50
    Carve your own printing stamps using this amazingly easy to carve, eraser-like material. This double-sided material can be drawn upon with a pen or pencil due to its light colour and ink receptive surface. It can be used with ink pads or block printing inks for a multitude of creative possibilities. Supplied in packs of two.... more »
    3 items
  • Moo Carve NZD $10.95 - $47.95
    This latex-free Carving Block is ideal for stamp carving and printmaking and is constructed of smooth, soft material. It easily cuts into smaller pieces with no crumbling or breaking. Transfer designs or draw in pencil before carving.... more »
    2 items
  • Speedball Speedy-Carve NZD $12.50 - $36.60
    Make your own personalized rubber stamps with these easy-to-cut rubber blocks. Transfer artwork to these blocks via heat from an ordinary clothes iron and then carve around the resulting image to create your own special stamp.... more »
    2 items
  • Plexiplate NZD $2.50 - $14.30 4 items
  • Lino Blocks NZD $2.50 - $24.95 6 items


  • Speedball Lino Cutter Handle NZD $15.50
  • Teflon Baren 4" NZD $51.00
    Great for use on premium handmade papers this American-made baren from Speedball features a hardwood handle for a comfortable grip and a durable heavy-duty ABS plastic surface covered with nitrex nylon. Designed to provide for a shock-absorbent, smooth slide, this baren makes it easy to create even pressure for better ink images.... more »
  • Mull Cloth NZD $9.20
    91.4cm x 1 MetreMull cloth is an open weaved lint-free starched linen cloth used for wiping the ink off intaglio printing plates. Finish by either polishing the plate with acid free tissue, yellow pages or the palm of your hand. Mull cloth can be washed and re used.... more »
  • Bamboo Baren 4.5" NZD $19.95
    This Baren is a smooth, light rubbing pad made of bamboo bark that is used in traditional Japanese woodcut printing, or Ukiyo-e. The strong grain of the surface allows the artist to convey pressure firmly to the paper. It measures 4 ½" in diameter.... more »
  • Baren 4" NZD $25.80
    This 4" baren is perfect for block printing, scrapbooking, card crafting and other crafts requiring burnishing or even pressure distribution over a small surface. It’s ideal for hand and proof printing as it evenly transfers an image onto paper. The durable, impact-proof construction features a smooth ABS plastic surface and a comfortable hardwood handle. Made in the USA.... more »
  • X-Acto Carving Tool Set of 6 NZD $80.95 Out of Stock
    6 forged steel carving tools with hand-honed hardwood handles. For 3-dimensional carving and deep relief carving in wood or linoleum. Contents include a straight chisel, bent chisel, skew bevel chisel and bent gouge, "U" tool and veining tool.... more »


  • Gamblin Etching Inks NZD $37.80 - $50.30
    Gamblin Etching Inks were formulated at the request of professional printmakers in the Pacific Northwest who wanted strong reliable inks for edition printing. The palette of pure intense pigments offers a broad range of color mixing potential. Five black inks and Graphite were formulated to meet the demands of printmakers who want deep rich black inks with good working characteristics. Portland Black and Portland Cool Black are ideal for edition printing; both offer a strong line and medium plate tone. For engravers, printers of mezzotints, or others who need more resistance from their ink, Portland Stiff Black is also available.... more »
    17 items
  • Gamblin Relief Inks NZD $25.30 - $38.10
    Gamblin Relief Inks are formulated for all relief techniques, including woodblock, linocut, monotype, and Solarplate. They contain the right amount of stiffness and tack to hold fine detail yet spread evenly on the block or plate. The palette of ten colors is designed to give artists intense pure pigmented colors straight from the jar, along with a wide range of color mixing capabilities. Monotype printmaking, the most painterly of printmaking techniques, is very popular. While most painters and printmakers working in this process learn how to make any kind of ink work, the unique viscosity and tack of Gamblin Relief Inks makes them ideal for monotype printing processes.... more »
    10 items
  • FAS Studio Printing Inks NZD $15.95 15 items

Ink Modifiers

  • Tack Reducer NZD $19.20
    Tack Reducer is a gel made from a very light drying oil, making it completely compatible with the inks. Small amounts added to ink will efficiently reduce tack. Tack Reducer is transparent to allow the intensity of an inks color to be maintained.... more »
  • Magnesium Carbonate NZD $19.95 Out of Stock
    Magnesium Carbonate is traditionally used to stiffen ink. It will also reduce an ink's gloss level. Once added to ink, Magnesium Carbonate becomes transparent and will not alter the color of the ink. Gamblin recommends adding small amounts at a time; little is needed to add body to an ink. Mix well. It can be used with both Etching and Relief Inks.... more »
  • Burnt Plate Oils NZD $17.40
    Burnt Plate Oils are used to lower the viscosity of the ink. Burnt Plate Oil should be added to inks sparingly, as the detail of a print may be lost if the ink becomes too fluid. Burnt Plate Oil #000 has less tack and is a good match for use with Gamblin Relief Inks. Burnt Plate Oil #2 has a higher tack and is excellent for modifying Gamblin Etching Inks.... more »
    2 items
  • Gamsol NZD $12.50 - $109.80
    Gamsol is an excellent solvent for thinning Gamblin mediums and for general painting. It evaporates 100% and leaves no residue in paint layers. Gamsol is less toxic than other brands of OMS (Odorless Mineral Spirits), mineral spirits, or turpentine because the harmful aromatic solvent component has been removed. It's also useful for studio and brush cleanup. Gamsol also enables printmakers to easily modify inks.... more »
    4 items


  • Squeegee Press Cold Wax Brayers NZD $24.95 - $32.70
    Experience the smooth, even rolling and durable construction of our custom-made brayers. The non-latex roller is just the right softness for creating beautiful surface effects. The metal axle, mounted in a metal frame, keeps the brayer rolling smoothly and makes cleanup easy. With four sizes available, you’ll find a great fit for any scale. Purchasing the full set offers you complete versatility.... more »
    4 items
  • Speedball Soft Rubber Rollers NZD $28.50 - $40.10 4 items
  • Rubber Brayer 4" NZD $19.90 Out of Stock
    Testrite Brayers are designed to meet the specific meeds of artists, crafters, photographers, printers and hobbyists. They are ideal for a wide variety of uses including- burnishing photos, mounting, block printing, stenciling, rubber stamping, type proofs, etc. Made in The U.S.A.... more »
  • Lucite Brayers NZD $25.90 - $29.90
    Testrite Brayers are designed to meet the specific meeds of artists, crafters, photographers, printers and hobbyists. They are ideal for a wide variety of uses including- burnishing photos, mounting, block printing, stenciling, rubber stamping, type proofs, etc. Made in The U.S.A.... more »
    2 items
  • Lino Rollers NZD $16.00 - $34.20 6 items

Zinc Etching Plates

  • RGM Professional Zinc Plates NZD $15.10 - $78.70
    RGM Zinc plates are manually polished to make a mirror polished surface to allow quality printing. Each sheet has a protective film to protect the shiny side and each plate has a protective film to protect the finish. ... more »
    6 items


  • RGM Etching Press NZD $699.95 Out of Stock
    This manual press is designed and built by RGM with the collaboration of teachers and artists. Ideal for school use, but also achieves a professional print quality thanks to the precision mechanical parts, and the use of the high quality materials. Steel structure with knurled roller and smooth top roller. Accompanied by a table top, in galvanized iron. Print size is 26.5 x 42cm. ... more »


  • Lino Cutting & Printing Kit NZD $86.60 Out of Stock
    Everything you need to get started in one handy retail pack, with full instructions.... more »
  • Block Printing Essentials Kit NZD $53.10
    Everything you need to get started in one handy retail pack, with full instructions.... more »
  • Lino Cutter & Stamp Carving Kit 3 in 1 NZD $16.95
    3 in 1 Lino Cutter & Stamp Carving Kit. These innovative and versatile stamp carving kits allow you to carve your own SoftCut Printing Stamps using Lino cutting tools and techniques for a unique result. Simply Pop one of the included printing stamps into the included disc holder, and use the lino cutters and handle to carve your design. ... more »
  • Lino Cutter & Baren Kit 3 in 1 NZD $15.00
    This innovative and versatile kit can be used as a Lino cutter set with the included Lino cutters and handle, and also as a Baren which is used as a burnishing tool to transfer the ink from your printing block to your paper without the need for a press. The base of the Baren also doubles as a storage unit for the cutters keeping them safe after use. Available with either 5 or 10 different cutters, this patented set is a true innovation in block printing. The 3 in 1 Baren kit can also be used as a stamp carving kit with the addition of SoftCut printing stamps... more »

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