• Atelier : Atelier Free Flow Artists' Acrylic 250ml
    Atelier Free Flow Artists' Acrylic 250ml$34.702 items
  • Atelier : Atelier Free Flow Artists' Acrylic 60ml
    Atelier Free Flow Artists' Acrylic 60ml$12.50-$34.6035 items
  • Atelier : Atelier Interactive 80ml
    Atelier Interactive 80ml$13.70-$45.40
    Atelier Interactive is the only paint that can be adjusted and blended longer than conventional acrylics.
    75 items
  • Atelier : Atelier Interactive 250ml
    Atelier Interactive 250ml$31.10-$104.95
    Atelier Interactive is the only paint that can be adjusted and blended longer than conventional acrylics
    37 items
  • Atelier : Atelier Interactive 1Litre
    Atelier Interactive 1Litre$93.20
    Atelier Interactive is the only paint that can be adjusted and blended longer than conventional acrylics.
    3 items
  • Atelier Universal Medium/Varnish
    Atelier Universal Medium/Varnish$28.10
    Mix with Acrylic artists' paint to reduce viscosity for improved brushabilty and glazing, or as a final varnish with a finish of your choice.
  • Atelier Slow Medium
    Atelier Slow Medium$22.70
    Low Viscosity. Slows the drying process of Atelier Interactive. Allows thinly painted areas to be re-wet and remain workable for longer.
  • Atelier Satin Varnish
    Atelier Satin Varnish$21.50-$60.90
    Use as a final varnish for artists' acrylics to protect artwork and give a semi-gloss, satin sheen.
    2 items
  • Atelier Regular Gel 250ml
    Atelier Regular Gel 250ml$21.50
    An Acrylic gel with a smooth buttery consistency. Use as a paint extender to add gloss and transparency without altering consistency. Mix with paint to increase body or apply directly on top of paint layer for a transparent textural effect.
  • Atelier Gloss Medium 250ml
    Atelier Gloss Medium 250ml$21.50
    Mid-Viscosity. A general purpose fluid medium that adds translucency and a rich oil-like gloss
  • Atelier : Atelier Glazing Liquid 250ml
    Atelier Glazing Liquid 250ml$27.50
  • Atelier : Atelier Moulding Paste
    Atelier Moulding Paste$22.70-$203.10
    (Previously Modelling Compound) A heavy impasto for exaggerated structure and textural effects. It can be used for building impasto areas in a painting either before or during any stage in the painting process. It dries to a white satin finish and remains flexible and is ideal as a ground preparation for canvas, paper or other painting surfaces. Atelier Modelling Compound may be added to acrylics as an economical paint extender. For more textured effects, sawdust, sand, etc. may be added.
    3 items
  • Atelier : Atelier Heavy Gel (Gloss)
    Atelier Heavy Gel (Gloss)$22.70-$203.10
    A thick acrylic gel for more exaggerated structure and texture. Mix Impasto Gel with Atelier Colours for greater brilliance and transparency of colour and gloss. Its milky colour becomes transparent when it dries. A very effective glue for collage. If desired, the gloss can be reduced with final varnishing.
    3 items
  • Atelier : Atelier Binder Medium
    Atelier Binder Medium$22.70-$71.70
    Can be used as a medium when needed to toughen paint for conventional acrylic techniques like scratching back. When added to paint it speeds drying and increases gloss.
    Other uses: Use as a binder for collage. Use as a sealer to prepare porous surfaces wither before using gesso or as a somewhat slippery ground preparation in its own right.
    2 items
  • Atelier : Atelier Gesso Primer
    Atelier Gesso Primer$21.50-$191.20
    A flexible acrylic ground with a high grit content. Designed to provide a stable white surface on which to paint. Atelier Gesso may be used directly from the container for all-over thick textural effects.
    4 items
  • Atelier : Atelier Unlocking Medium 250ml
    Atelier Unlocking Medium 250ml$22.70
    Allows artists to reopen a paint layer even after being touch-dry. Once the paint is reopened, new paint can be blended back in, existing paint edges can be feathered or whole sections can be removed with a rag. Can also be used to further extend wet blending time.
  • Atelier : Atelier Thick Slow Medium 250ml
    Atelier Thick Slow Medium 250ml$22.70
    The most useful medium for extending drying time. Very useful when painting large works because it gives an artist time to work without the paint drying too fast. It also allows thinly applied paint to remain workable. Even paint which feels dry to the touch can be reactivated with water for reblending techniques. Especially recommended for anyone who has trouble getting used to using the water spray.
  • Atelier : Atelier Retarder 250ml
    Atelier Retarder 250ml$25.10
    Atelier Slow Medium should used with Interactive. Retarder should, in our experience, only be used as a 10% addition to your water spray in extremely dry conditions.
  • Atelier : Atelier Matte Varnish
    Atelier Matte Varnish$31.00-$91.95
    Previously sold as Matte Medium & Varnish, Atelier Matte Varnish gives an even matte finish with maintaining colour intensity. Can be mixed with acrylic paint as a fluid medium to dilute the paint, toughen layers and reduce gloss.
    2 items
  • Atelier : Atelier Liquefying Medium 250ml
    Atelier Liquefying Medium 250ml$22.70
  • Atelier : Atelier Gloss Varnish
    Atelier Gloss Varnish$28.10-$83.60
    Previously sold a Gloss Medium & Varnish, Atelier Gloss Varnish gives a vibrant gloss finish. Can be mixed with acrylic paint as a fluid medium to dilute the paint, toughen layers and increase gloss.
    2 items
  • Atelier : Atelier Fast Medium Fixer
    Atelier Fast Medium Fixer$21.50-$68.10
    Used to fix layers of paint fast especially when wanting to achieve multiple layers of glazing. Also useful when you want to reinforce a tender layer in preparation for scratch back and scraping techniques. Returns Interactive to a more conventional acrylic.
    2 items
  • Atelier : Atelier Clear Painting Medium
    Atelier Clear Painting Medium$21.50-$63.30
    Can be used to prevent runs in diluted paint applied vertically on an easel. It is used with the paint to dilute the viscosity and blend colours. This medium allows paint to spread over a surface for more blendable gradations of colour and fast glazing techniques.
    2 items
  • Atelier : Atelier Pouring Medium
    Atelier Pouring Medium$38.50-$243.20
    Use for pouring applications applied horizontally. Dries clear, glossy and flexible and if mixed with colours increases transparency of the colours used.
    This medium is useful for poured puddles and if poured onto plastic sheeting can be peeled of when dry to make acrylic skins which can be collaged onto an artwork.
    3 items

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