The cradle of papermaking in the western world is found in the city of Fabriano. For more than seven centuries, Fabriano has been famous the world over for its production of the finest art and writing papers that embody the perfect marriage of innovation and tradition. Papermaking at Fabriano mills began in 1283 and the remaining examples of paper that exist from this time indicate the advanced state of papermaking at the mills. Fabriano is responsible for the development of many innovations that are still a part of papermaking today, the most important of which is the identification of papers using watermarks. Artists and writers such as Giambattista Bodoni, Albrecht Dürer, Michelangelo, Raphael and Francisco Goya have praised Fabriano papers for their unequaled quality. Works from these artists that exist today are a testament to the enduring quality of Fabriano paper. Fabriano is the only papermaker that continues to employ both traditional and hi-tech production methods in its dedication to high quality artist paper.
  • Fabriano Watercolour Sketchbooks $38.08 - $70.50

    Watercolour hardcover book, 25 sheets, 300 gsm, cold press. Acid free paper, FSC certified, 25% cotton content. It is inside and surface sized for optimal painting results. Washable black hard cover, spiral bound. The rectangular die-cut on the cover allows to personalize the book just drawing on the first sheet in correspondence of the die-cut.

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  • Fabriano Black Drawing Book $20.90 - $30.50

    Drawing hardcover book, 40 black sheets, 190 gsm. Acid free paper, cold press surface. Washable black hard cover, spiral bound. Ideal for pastel, coloured pencils, acrylic colours and scrapbooking.

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  • Fabriano Spiral Drawing Books $16.80 - $44.90

    60 sheets of acid-free,160gsm creamy-white drawing paper with a spiral, hardbound cover. Ideal for pencil, ink, pastel, pen and gouache.

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  • Fabriano 5 $7.90

    A prized blend of cotton (50%) and select raw materials are the main feature of this paper. Particularly recommended for artists who use watercolor, tempera, charcoal, graphite, wax, pastel, etc. Fabriano 5 also performs beautifully when used for fine art prints (lithography and silkscreen), business cards, invitations, menus and so on. Fabriano 5 has two deckled edges and a watermark that runs parallel to them. Is is acid-free to guarantee excellent permanence and resistance to ageing. 350gsm

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  • Fabriano Artistico 560 x 760 $9.20 - $30.30

    A classic white paper used by artists for centuries, this natural warm white sheet is achieved without the use of optical brighteners. Papers are synthetically sized both internally and externally so that no animal by-products are used. Fabriano's Artistico papers are mould-made of 100% cotton and are acid-free/pH neutral and chlorine-free.

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  • Fabriano Mixed Media 500 x 650 $2.80

    Fabriano Mixed Media is a versatile, multipurpose 250gsm paper that combines the characteristics of watercolour and acrylic papers with those of drawing papers. Ideal for acrylic or watercolour paints, or used as pastel or drawing paper.

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  • Fabriano Tela Roll 300gsm 1500 x 10M $298.90
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  • Fabriano Tela 300gsm 500 x 650 $5.95

    This Italian-made oil painting paper has an internal sizing that offers ideal absorption for oil colors.

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  • Fabriano Pittura 500 x 650 $6.20

    A high-quality, lignin-free, cold pressed cellulose paper that's acid-free. 400gsm

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  • Fabriano No. 4 Disegno 500 x 700 $5.50

    The good sizing and excellent resistance to even the hardest erasers are the main features of this paper, which is ideal not only for students at technical schools but for professional use by graphic artists, architects and surveyors. Each sheet of Fabriano 4 is dry-embossed. Hot Pressed. 220gsm

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  • Tiepolo 280gsm 560 x 760 $11.50

    Mould-made watermarked paper suitable for all art printing techniques (etching, engravings, lithography, silkscreen, xilogrpahy, wood cuts, and linoleum). Made of 100% cotton according to ISO 9706 standards "Long Life". It is acid-free, which guarantees permanence to ageing. There are four deckled edges and a watermark at the bottom right-hand corner of the sheet.

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  • Fabriano Rosaspina 500 x 700 $6.90

    Paper made with high-quality raw material(60% cotton). It complies with ISO 9706 "Long-Life" standards. It is acid-free, thereby guaranteeing permanence and resistance to ageing. Rosapina paper is produced with cylinder machines, and it is suitable for all art print techniques (engraving, lithography, silk-screening). The watermark runs parallel to the two long sides of the sheet and reproduces the Fabriano trademark and logo. There are two deckled edges.

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  • Pittura Pads $20.60 - $38.70

    Fabriano Pittura is a brilliant white, 400gsm paper. It is made from high-grade cellulose and is woodfree. This paper is acid-free, with archival permanence, and a rough, natural-grain surface. Fabriano Pittura acrylic paper is tub and surface-sized. This paper is suitable for acrylic, tempera, oil and multimedia work

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  • Fabriano Black Pad $16.70 - $44.10

    Fabriano Black Black is a range of uncoated cardboards made of ECF cellulose pulp. This paper is characterized by a very deep black colour due to the high quality and lightfast pigments used for its production. Flexible and resistant it is ideal for pastel, colour pencils, markers, acrylics, passe-partout and portfolio presentations.

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  • Fabriano Accademia 120gsm Pads $11.40 - $38.20
    Drawing paper made of 100% cellulose, acid free, for sketches and proof. It has a natural grain and very good sizing, which is ideal for students and artists. Ideal for sketching, drawing, painting and pastel work. The slightly grained surface and the good keeping of the register make it also suitable for offset printing.
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  • Fabriano Accademia 200gsm Pads $20.80 - $38.20

    Fabriano Accademia Disegno Drawing paper is a high-quality heavyweight paper at a student price. It is excellent for all fine art and graphic drawing and sketching.

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  • Fabriano Tracing Pad 90gsm

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