X-ACTO was founded in 1917 by Sundel Doniger from New York City. The company started by producing syringes for the medical profession, and in the early 1930's began manufacturing precision surgical blades with a unique handle that accommodated a variety of interchangeable, replaceable scalpels. However, the X-ACTO blade that became the industry standard was created when an X-ACTO advertising artist needed a retouching knife. Doniger created one from his employee's sketch, and it worked so well that the company began manufacturing the product for other artists and hobbyists. If you don't see the X-Acto product that you would like to purchase, please contact us via our contact page for special orders
  • X-Acto : X-Acto Boston School Commercial Electric Sharpener
    X-Acto Boston School Commercial Electric Sharpener$450.00
    Model 41. This sharpener is heavy duty, designed for the high volume applications. Solid, all steel cutters. Adjustable pencil guide. "PencilSaver" prevents over-sharpening. Auto-Reset thermal overload mechanism prevents overheating.
  • X-Acto : X-Acto Retractable Blade Knife
    X-Acto Retractable Blade Knife$27.95
    Push-button retractable knife. For close delicate work.
  • X-Acto : X-Acto #4 Stencil Knife
    X-Acto #4 Stencil Knife$13.50Out of Stock
    Aluminum 5" handle with five blades.
  • X-Acto : X-Acto Swivel Knife
    X-Acto Swivel Knife$17.95Out of Stock
    The blade on this knife rotates 360° for easy cutting of curves, circles and designs in light-weight materials such as paper, film, acetate, stencils, cloth and balsa. Comes with protective cap.
  • X-Acto : X-Acto Cut-All Knife
    X-Acto Cut-All Knife$9.50
    With a light-weight plastic handle and #11 fine point blade, this knife is faster and easier to use than scissors for opening packages and cutting light-weight papers, photos and more. Comes with safety cap.
  • X-Acto : X-Acto #1 Knife with 5 x #11 Blades
    X-Acto #1 Knife with 5 x #11 Blades$15.90Out of Stock
    For light-duty hobby and graphic arts projects, these sets include a #1 knife plus refill blades.
  • X-Acto : X-Acto #1 Knife with Safety Cap
    X-Acto #1 Knife with Safety Cap$7.95Out of Stock
    The graphic artist’s standard – this knife has a 4-7/8" long aluminum handle with a #11 blade and safety cap.
  • X-Acto : X-Acto Replacement Blades
    X-Acto Replacement Blades5 items

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  • X-Acto : X-Acto Carving Tool Set of 6
    X-Acto Carving Tool Set of 6$80.95Out of Stock
    6 forged steel carving tools with hand-honed hardwood handles. For 3-dimensional carving and deep relief carving in wood or linoleum. Contents include a straight chisel, bent chisel, skew bevel chisel and bent gouge, "U" tool and veining tool.
  • X-Acto : X-Acto Basic Woodcarving Set
    X-Acto Basic Woodcarving Set$44.20Out of Stock
    Heavy-duty plastic handle knife with assortment of blades and carving gouges. This set contains a #5 knife with six gouges and on each blade, #15, 18, 19, 22, 24 and 26.
  • X-Acto : X-Acto Deluxe Woodcarving Set
    X-Acto Deluxe Woodcarving Set$76.40Out of Stock
    For three-dimensional carving, deep relief carving, whittling, shaping and leveling. For the discriminating woodcarver, this wood cased set includes high quality tools.

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