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From humble beginnings more than 50 years ago to widespread popularity in the new millennium, Sculpey® oven-bake clays from Polyform Products Company have become one of the most desirable craft clays on the market today. An entire culture has sprouted around this amazing medium – web sites, newsgroups, conferences and retreats. As the market leader, they focus on creating new ways to stimulate and encourage creativity.

Polyform Products continues to inspire a "world of bright ideas" with new and innovative products for beginners to advanced clay users.

Takapuna Art Supplies showcase a number of sculptures, made by us, in our store. We also give professional advice on building armatures and paint treatments once the products are baked. We have been using Sculpey products for over a decade and here are a few...

  • Premo! Sculpey Modeling Clay 1 Pound
    Premo! Sculpey Modeling Clay 1 Pound$37.50-$52.99

    Premo! Sculpey is firmer than Sculpey III, and extremely durable when baked! From the makers of other Sculpey clays, it's a premium line of polymer clay.

    Designed especially to satisfy the needs of the artist, Premo! comes in a palette of vibrant colors modeled after those of oil paints. Beautiful used as is, they can also be mixed with other polymer clays, powders, or pigments for custom effects.

    Perfect for everything from sculpture, bead making, unique wearable art, and molds, to rubber stamping and home décor, Premo! is ready-to-use straight from the package. Smooth and pliable, it's easy to knead, yet stays firm enough for detailed work without crumbling.

    Oven baking hardens your creations, yet they remain flexible and durable, harder to break than those made with other clays.

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  • Sculpey Glazes
    Sculpey Glazes$9.50

    Protect projects and give them a glossy or satin finish with this glaze. It can be used before or after baking and will not peel. May be thinned with water.

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  • Premo! Sculpey Modeling Clay
    Premo! Sculpey Modeling Clay$5.00

    Premo! Sculpey is a high strength, fine detail modeling compound. It won't crumble, is very workable and will remain pliable for long periods of time. The artist can blend and customize colors as needed and can easily work the clay with hands and tools alike. It becomes extremely strong after baking and offers high strength in thin areas. 2oz

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  • Super Sculpey 8lb Box
    Super Sculpey 8lb Box$220.00Out of Stock
  • Super Sculpey Firm
    Super Sculpey Firm$31.50Out of Stock

    Many sculptors desire an extra-firm clay that can be carved to shape, as subtractive rather than additive sculpture. Super Sculpey Firm delivers, achieving a carving medium that bakes in a 275° oven, which can then be polished, sanded, drilled, further carved and painted with acrylic colors. Super Sculpey Firm also maintains details exceptionally well, and is gray in color so those details show in photographs. Available in a 1 lb. block.

  • Sculpey Clay Softener
    Sculpey Clay Softener$10.70Out of Stock

    Add a few drops of Sculpey Clay Softener to firm uncured polymer clay to rejuvenate to a desired softness.

  • Translucent Liquid Sculpey
    Translucent Liquid Sculpey$16.00
    Translucent Liquid Sculpey is a liquid polymer clay that is also a bakeable transfer and color medium with many creative uses. When artists' oil paints are mixed with it, it can be used as an enamel, a glaze or a backfilling compound. When pigments or mica powders are mixed with it, it can be a stipple, a metallic glaze or a grout for polymer clay mosaics. Projects such as stained glass effect suncatchers and window clings are also easy to make and bake.
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  • Super Sculpey Original 454g
    Super Sculpey Original 454g$34.00

    Super Sculpey is a ceramic-like sculpturing compound that is shatter and chip resistant. Super Sculpey remains soft and pliable if stored in a very cool place. After baking, Super Sculpey becomes hard and is ready for painting and/or glazing. It can be carved, sanded and drilled.

  • Sculpey Super Slicer
    Sculpey Super Slicer$33.60

    These long, thin blades cut smoothly through clay while the interchangeable comfort handles protect hands and fingers. Includes four different blades (rigid, flexible, wavy and rick-rack) and one set of snap-on handles.

  • Sculpey Acrylic Clay Roller
    Sculpey Acrylic Clay Roller$19.00Out of Stock

    Designed to roll even sheets of clay, the non-stick surface also eliminates the need for a release agent. Smooths clay surface. Cleans up with soap and water.

  • Sculpey 5-in-1 Clay Tool
    Sculpey 5-in-1 Clay Tool$43.70
    This multi-purpose toll has 5 interchangeable toll heads including a blade, cone tip shaper, chisel tip shaper, ball end and needle tool. The heads are easy to change with embedded magnets.
  • Sculpey Etch 'N Pearl Set
    Sculpey Etch 'N Pearl Set$23.30

    Use the pointed ends to add fine details to clay or to pierce beads. Bake the beads directly on metal skewers, or use the concave ends to create delicate pearl patterns.

  • Sculpey Clay Tool Variety Set
    Sculpey Clay Tool Variety Set$20.50
    Each unique toll has two distinctive ends to suit a variety of modeling needs such as, creating lines, small holes, textures, fine details and patterns. Use the stamp-end for added detail. The blunt points are ideal for small scale sculpting, punching holes, shaping, refining and smoothing clay, etc.
  • Sculpey Style & Detail Tools
    Sculpey Style & Detail Tools$29.10
    3 x Dual-purpose shaping and smoothing tools with two ends for surface finishing and detailing. Use the flexible tip shapers to shape and smooth clays, blend seams, create texture and patterns. Use ball-end stylus to make indentations, concave forms and create curled or wavy edges.

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