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We are proud to stock the largest range of brushes and painting knives in New Zealand. Because we have painted with every brand and style of brush that we stock, personally, we can advise you on the best brush to suit your needs.

We stock flats, filberts and rounds in addition to specialty brushes designed for every imaginable artistic task. We also sell scrapers, blenders, rollers, sponges and over 30 styles of painting knives.

Our manufactures include Escoda the finest handmade brush since 1933, Winsor & Newton, Art Spectrum, Daler-Rowney, Hayden, Robert Simmons, Da Vinci and D.A.S. brushes, ranging from student Chinese hog hair to the finest quality Synthetic Mongoose. Not only is our selection unsurpassed, so are our prices.

Natural Hair/Sable

  • Escoda 2920 Kolinsky-Tajmyr Brights NZD $21.40 - $54.30 6 items
  • Robert Simmons Sapphire Brushes NZD $7.00 - $65.20
    If you value the good pointing, color handling, spring, and smooth application of natural sable with the durability and value of synthetic brushes, the Sapphire line is for you. Handmade of the finest red Kolinsky hair and synthetic filaments, Sapphire brushes can be used with all media. They feature kiln-dried beechwood handles and precision engineered 22K gold-plated ferrules.... more »
    28 items
  • Calli-Sumi Brushes NZD $7.80 - $10.70
    Calli-Sumi brushes are made with coarse, stiff horse hair which gives a crisp touch. Each brush has been made to suit the demands of various styles of brush calligraphy and Sumi-e, an ancient syle of painting renowned for is simplicity, grace and beauty.... more »
    6 items
  • Yasutomo Hake Sheep Hair Brushes BH3 Hake NZD $2.50 - $8.30
    Yasutomo Hake brushes are unique, flat wide brushes ideal for applying media over large areas, or wash, sizing, glue and more. The flat handle and soft sheep hair give you excellent brush control. They are indispensable tools when working with delicate and absorbent Oriental papers and on art and craft projects.... more »
    5 items
  • Winsor & Newton Squirrel Brush NZD $41.70 - $201.10 11 items
  • Royal S900 Camel Hair Mop NZD $8.86 - $13.32 3 items

Hog Bristle

  • Real Value Set of 4 Long Handle Bristle NZD $20.95
    Contains #6 Round #8 Bright #4 Filbert #12 Flat... more »
  • Princeton Snap! Set of 3 Long Handle Natural Bristle NZD $20.40
    Contains: #4 Round #6 Flat #8 Bright... more »
  • Gamblin Varnish Brush
    Recommended for applying Gamvar. Made in Italy using natural, flagged-end bristles. ... more »
    1 items
  • 1180 Bristle Synthetic Mix NZD $9.80 - $32.20 26 items
  • Princeton Gesso Brushes NZD $16.70 - $45.90
    A large natural bristle brush with wood handle ideal for priming canvas or doing large washes. Hand crafted in the U.S.A.... more »
    4 items
  • Best Natural Bristle Oil & Acrylic Brushes NZD $7.10 - $53.60
    Princeton’s flagship line of interlocked bristle, Refine™ starts with premium quality Chungking bristle and adds the panache of hand-formed interlock construction. The natural taper and curve of the bristle is expertly arranged within the hair tuft to form crisp edges and resilient points. Interlocked brushes hold their form in heavy use while other non-interlocked bristle can look more deranged than arranged. The true bounty of Refine™ is in its shape and size offering. Unique shapes like short filberts , extreme egberts, and sharp angle shaders usually only appear in much more expensive European ranges.... more »
    44 items


  • Redline Brushes NZD $41.95 - $59.95
    Developed and handcrafted by Germany's most experienced brush makers, each brush provides control and consistency while painting large surfaces. Multiple synthetic filaments and hair lengths hold more paint, making large jobs faster and more efficient. The brush handles are multi-coated with red lacquer and are made from European beechwood for enhanced durability.... more »
    4 items
  • Escoda 1548 Versatil Travel Brush NZD $34.40 - $56.50
    This brush was designed with versatility as its main feature and VERSÀTIL really lives up to its name with exceptional snap, superior absorption and fluid retention. It’s excellent for use both with watercolor and oil /acrylic, allowing artists to create fine details as well as providing superior performance for coloring large areas and backgrounds. Initial feedback from artists and collaborators has been extremely positive and all agree VERSÀTIL is an exciting new alternative to the synthetic brush world.... more »
    6 items
  • Escoda 1468 Prado Travel Brush NZD $31.10 - $52.40
    It is one of the most valued synthetic matters because of its similarity to sable hair. It not only imitates its color, but it also imitates its spring and absorption of liquids. Thanks to the perfect combination of three different diameters and three lengths in the fibers, the brushstroke's result is the same as one made of natural hair.... more »
    6 items
  • Escoda 1526 Ultimo Travel Brush NZD $26.30 - $44.60
    An almost perfect imitation of squirrel has been achieved with this artificial hair. Thanks to the special fiber in this ÚLTIMO series, extraordinary softness and a capacity to retain liquids is achieved which is virtually the same as that found in the natural squirrel hair. The Último series could become a synthetic hair benchmark to gradually replace natural hair in the future.... more »
    6 items
  • Escoda 1438 Perla Travel Brush NZD $32.95 - $50.30
    White Toray Synthetic brushes for watercolour & acrylic. White Toray fiber is one of the softest and typically used in watercolor. The round brush combines three diameters and three different lengths, achieving a perfect tip. It has a capacity to retain a large amount of paint.... more »
    6 items
  • Real Value Set of 4 Long Handle White Taklon NZD $23.95
    Contains: #6 Round #8 Bright #6 Filbert #12 Flat... more »

Palette Knives

  • Painting Knife NZD $9.00 - $14.70 8 items
  • Palette Knife NZD $6.20 - $6.78 4 items
  • RGM Classic Painting Knife NZD $9.00
    These high-quality painting knives are offered at an exceptionally low price. They are manufactured of quality, seamless carbon steel and feature solid brass ferrules and hardwood handles with peg holes. Each blade is tempered and ground by hand to assure consistent flexibility and quality.... more »
    24 items
  • RGM Large Palette Knife NZD $9.00 - $22.95
    Made with tempered stainless steel mirror blades and natural handles, these large painting spatulas have superior flexibility and quality. They can be used for mixing, moving and manipulating paint, for applying texture mediums for dimensional artwork and for texturizing paper-born artwork. Available in a variety of unique shapes to fit every artists’ needs. ... more »
    5 items
  • RGM New Age Painting Knife NZD $24.95
    Take your paintings to the next level with these unconventional palette knife styles featuring new unique shapes and a special water-resistant mirror blade. They are great for use with all relief pastes such as mortar, gels (matt gel, heavy gel), modeling pastes, and gesso. These specially shaped knives can also be used when painting with acrylics and oils to obtain “relief” effects with a variety of thicknesses and layers. ... more »
    5 items
  • RGM New Generation Spatula NZD $29.95 3 items
  • Plastic Palette Knife Set 5 Pce NZD $3.90
  • Painting Knife No.5 NZD $12.36

Foam Rollers & Brushes


  • Squeegee Press Cold Wax Squeegees NZD $22.95 - $32.70
    Custom-designed silicone squeegees have the perfect balance of stiffness and flex for creating beautiful cold wax surfaces. Available in 5 sizes, from 4” to 9”, you’ll find them indispensable for all your needs -- from working in fine detail to laying down large areas of color.... more »
    4 items
  • Catalyst Silicone Wedges NZD $17.50
    Designed for use with heavy-bodied paints, these wedges are made of engineered silicone and are ergonomically designed to fit in the hand allowing a direct interaction with art work. They are ideal for oils, acrylics and water-miscible oils, and because they are heat-resistant, they excel at encaustics as well. They also work well with plaster, clay and even frosting. Made of FDA-approved silicone, they are also are great for food crafting. The silicone is easy to wipe clean and is solvent resistant. Clean up in most cases can be done with mild soap and water. Dried paint can be peeled off the silicone surface.... more »
    6 items
  • Catalyst Silicone Blades NZD $21.50 - $30.90
    Designed for use with heavy-bodied paints, these blades are made of engineered silicone and are mounted on artist brush handles offering a blend of tradition and innovation. They are ideal for oils, acrylics and water-miscible oils, and because they are heat-resistant, they excel at encaustics as well. They also work well with plaster, clay and even frosting. Made of FDA-approved silicone, they are also are great for food crafting. The silicone is easy to wipe clean and is solvent resistant. Clean up in most cases can be done with mild soap and water. Dried paint can be peeled off the silicone surface. The blades can even be separated from their wood handles for cleaning and easily replaced when dry.... more »
    18 items
  • Soft Rubber Blenders NZD $8.00 - $10.00 3 items
  • Hard Rubber Blenders NZD $8.00 - $10.00 3 items
  • DAS Small Blender Set Of 5 NZD $18.50


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