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Since 1964 Derivan has been committed to providing the arts community with the world's finest-quality artist acrylic colours and mediums. The founders of the company had a vision "to make available to artists worldwide a premium paint, whilst remaining environmentally and socially responsible". This was to be achieved while still maintaining the quality and personal touch that only a family company can provide. Derivan have succeeded in just that, and they have consequently grown from a tiny affair (operating out of stables in Sydney's inner city) to the multinational operation that it is today. With manufacturing sites spanning 3 continents, they have not lost sight of the fact that at the end of the day, they are here to provide the finest products that can be made, guided by the requirements of their customers. This is their promise to you, the artist, and is realised in the Matisse range of premium acrylics and mediums, all made to the highest standards to ensure not only the most brilliant and pure results, but a safety in the knowledge that your work will not crack, fade, or change over time in any way.
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Mm24 Iridescent Medium
    Matisse Mm24 Iridescent Medium$37.70-$139.902 items
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Mm26 Transparent Gesso
    Matisse Mm26 Transparent Gesso$29.70-$91.00
    Matisse Transparent Gesso may be used by itself to give a translucent (not clear) under-painting primer with excellent tooth. It has been formulated to be mixed with Matisse Background Colours to give the perfect balance of "tooth" for supports such as canvas, paper and wood and for over-painting acrylic, watercolour, oils and alkyds. It has been especially formulated as a high tooth primer for pastel, oil pastel, charcoal and graphite. It is non-yellowing and flexible.
    2 items
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Mm4 Gel Medium
    Matisse Mm4 Gel Medium$31.70-$101.60
    Gel Medium is a thick buttery acrylic gel which when mixed with Matisse Acrylic Colours will result in a rich high gloss textured glaze. Over artwork or prints it will dry completely transparent, and non-yellowing, if applied in layers no thicker than 3mm resulting in a textured or brush stroke finish. Used on glass it will give a clear finish while distorting the view through the glass.
    2 items
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Mm5 Matte Medium
    Matisse Mm5 Matte Medium$29.70-$91.20
    A water-resistant, quick drying, flexible binder which dries to a flat "matt" finish. Contains selected materials which counteract the low sheen of pure Matisse Acrylic Colours.
    2 items
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Mm6 Poly Matte Varnish
    Matisse Mm6 Poly Matte Varnish$31.70-$101.60
    This is a varnish which dries to a flat (matt) finish. It should be pre-diluted with water in order to achieve good brush control. The addition of water will also assist in levelling of the varnish and slow down its rapid drying effect. Polymer Matt Varnish is a non-yellowing pure acrylic resin suspended in water. It dries to a touch, pliable, water resistant film.
    2 items
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Mm7 Poly Gloss Varnish
    Matisse Mm7 Poly Gloss Varnish$31.70-$101.602 items
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Mm8 Spreader Medium
    Matisse Mm8 Spreader Medium$29.70-$91.20
    Spreader Medium is a water soluble paint lubricant with unusual flow characteristics and strong moisture retention properties. It dries to a clear, transparent finish and is most useful in glazing techniques.
    2 items
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Mm9 Painting Medium
    Matisse Mm9 Painting Medium$29.70-$91.20
    Pure acrylic binder is used in formulating Matisse and acts as the principal paint diluent when not using water. Acrylic painting medium with its low sheen and good adhesion make it a suitable transparent primer or surface conditioner for canvas, paper or board, Use Acrylic painting medium to increase binding capacity when reducing paint with water.
    2 items
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse MM31 Open Medium
    Matisse MM31 Open Medium$31.60
    Mix with Matisse Structure to slow drying time. Optimal for painting outdoors or in particularly hot weather, MM31 Open Medium allows the paint to be blended on the painting surface for longer. Artists will be delighted with the way this medium makes their paint handle, so smooth and buttery. Be surprised by the glowing satin finish that this medium imparts to the paints. 250ml
  • Matisse Mm17 250ml Patina (Oil)
    Matisse Mm17 250ml Patina (Oil)$24.80
    This product available on 'Special Order, only.
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Mm14 Hi-Gloss Varnish (turps-based)
    Matisse Mm14 Hi-Gloss Varnish (turps-based)$37.70-$64.502 items
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Mm15 Matt Varnish (turps-based)
    Matisse Mm15 Matt Varnish (turps-based)$37.70-$64.502 items
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Mm29 Satin Varnish (turps-based)
    Matisse Mm29 Satin Varnish (turps-based)$37.70-$64.502 items
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Intro Set
    Matisse Intro Set$91.20
    An excellent set to get you started. The three primary colours in this set have been especially selected to give a huge range of clean and bright secondary and tertiary colours. Use Titanium White to develop form and shape through tonal changes.
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Primary Set
    Matisse Primary Set$176.60
    This Primary Set gives you all the colours you need to use a split primary colour mixing palette. With a little knowledge of bias colour mixing and a choice of warm and cool primary colours, bright vibrant secondary and tertiary colours will be easily mixed. The addition of Mars Black and Titanium White to the set allows for a huge range of tonal shades of these mixes as required.
    Save 20% on Matisse Sets
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Sampler Set of 12 (12ml tubes)
    Matisse Sampler Set of 12 (12ml tubes)$56.30
    This set contains the warm and cool primary colours you need to start painting. Included is a selection of unique and useful colours which will help you with your portrait, landscape or abstract work.
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Portrait Set
    Matisse Portrait Set$176.60
    This set includes the colours traditionally used by painters. Some of these colours have been enhanced purely for portrait painting. For example, the often used Raw Sienna has been superseded by a purpose developed Skin Tone Mid which will allow further mixing and development of colours than would be possible with a traditional Raw Sienna. Yellow Oxide and Matisse Red Light in the set allows you to bring vibrancy to the brightest areas of colour within the face, for the ears, cheeks, nose and lips. Together with the inclusion of the brilliant Phthalo Green all eye colour are achievable. With the strength of the colour in this set, mixed with Titanium White, you will achieve the perfect highlight colour for the forehead area of your portraits. In the case of darker flesh tones, mix a touch of Ultramarine Blue.
  • Matisse (25 to 42 of 42) : Matisse Landscape Set
    Matisse Landscape Set$176.60
    This set provides all the colours that you as the artist need to create a great landscape. Rich vibrant browns provide the perfect company for the array of greens and yellows to create the ideal foreground, while the addition of Titanium White will allow you to create the low-key backgrounds regularly employed in landscape painting. The Matisse highly pigmented Phthalo Blue will provide a great base for the skies, and will give you even more range in your colour choices.

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