• Liquitex Crackle Medium 8oz $45.90

    Crackle Paste allows artists to create crazed, cracked paint textures on any rigid, acrylic-friendly surface. Great for antiqued and weathered effects, the medium dries to a crackle finish with a hard, opaque finish. Apply directly from the tub with a knife and overpaint or mix into acrylic color and use freely. Crackle Paste maintains paint adhesion and durability without flaking, while giving artists an archival finish. Finish with a coat of acrylic varnish for additional protection.

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  • Liquitex Masking Fluid 4 oz $29.00
    Mask off areas of work with this colorless, latex based liquid. Use with fluid applications of acrylic color and washes. The perfect medium to block off areas of a painting and let the surface show through.
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  • Liquitex Satin Fluid Medium 8oz $32.40
    Thin paint and extend volume with a satin finish or use as a collaging adhesive.
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  • Liquitex Satin Gel Medium 8oz $32.40
    Increase texture and extend volume with a satin finish or use as a strong collaging adhesive.
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  • Liquitex Metallic Mediums 8oz $45.90
    Give paint a metallic effect or use on its own to add surface highlights.
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  • Liquitex Silkscreen Medium 8oz $45.90
    Mix this slow-drying medium with acrylic paint to make colors suitable for screen printing.
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  • Liquitex Glass Medium 8oz $45.90
    Mix with color to create a smooth, high gloss finish that adheres to slick non-porous surfaces like glass. When heat set, creates a glossy, scratch resistant surface.
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  • Sargent Art Acrylic Pearlescent Mixing Medium 16oz $24.10 Out of Stock

    Can be used to produce pearlescent paint effects. Mix one part of acrylic colour paint with approximately ten parts of Pearlescent Mixing Medium and mix thoroughly. Using too much paint will reduce the pearlescent effect. Made in the USA.

  • Sargent Art Acrylic Matte Medium 16oz $15.95 Out of Stock

    Dries to a permanent, matte finish. Water reducible, non yellowing. Made in the USA

  • Sargent Art Liquid Gesso $17.95 - $30.90 Out of Stock

    Sargent Art Liquid Gesso is an acrylic primer formulated for use on raw canvas and other surfaces to seal and provide a light 'tooth' for for acrylic and other paint media. Permanent and water resistant when dry. Made in the USA.

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  • Atelier Universal Medium/Varnish $29.30

    Mix with Acrylic artists' paint to reduce viscosity for improved brushabilty and glazing, or as a final varnish with a finish of your choice.

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  • Atelier Slow Medium $23.60

    Low Viscosity. Slows the drying process of Atelier Interactive. Allows thinly painted areas to be re-wet and remain workable for longer.

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  • Atelier Satin Varnish $22.40 - $63.50

    Use as a final varnish for artists' acrylics to protect artwork and give a semi-gloss, satin sheen.

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  • Atelier Regular Gel 250ml $22.40

    An Acrylic gel with a smooth buttery consistency. Use as a paint extender to add gloss and transparency without altering consistency. Mix with paint to increase body or apply directly on top of paint layer for a transparent textural effect.

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  • Atelier Gloss Medium 250ml $22.40

    Mid-Viscosity. A general purpose fluid medium that adds translucency and a rich oil-like gloss

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  • Matisse Mm28 Polymer Satin Varnish $34.60

    MM28 Polymer Satin Varnish is used as a final varnish over a dried, well-cured acrylic painting when a satin or very mid level sheen is required (and the use of MM29 Satin Varnish(turps-based) is not appropriate).Polymer water-based varnishes may appear to be slightly hazy whilst in solution. This is an optical effect produced by light refraction of acrylic particles suspended within the water-based medium. The effect disappears when the film is dry. As acrylics dry very rapidly, care should be taken to apply varnish pre-diluted with water. Polymer Varnish, applied in very thick layers on a hot day, could trap moisture,resulting in a cloudy film which would be very difficult to correct.

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  • Glow in the Dark Medium $8.20

    Apply one or two coats to any craft or fabric surface. Paint will absorb the light and glow in the dark. 59ml

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  • Daler-Rowney Gesso $22.80 - $55.10 5 items

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  • Daler-Rowney Mediums $8.90 - $165.00 22 items

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  • PVA Size $22.80 - $50.60

    Diluted with distilled water, PVA size is a contemporary size for fabric support. PVA seals the fabric but does not re-absorb atmospheric moisture, preventing the size layer from swelling and shrinking. It has a neutral pH and does not yellow, plus it retains its flexibility, does not emit harmful volatiles, and protects fabric from the ground. PVA does not tighten the fabric like rabbit skin glue, so stretch fabric tightly.

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  • Jo Sonjas Polyurethane Varnish 250ml $33.00

    Durable formulation for indoor & outdoor use

    Clear, non-yellowing, quick drying. Approximate coverage: 1ml = 215sq centimeters

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  • Triple Thick Gloss Glaze $6.80 - $15.00 Out of Stock

    Add a glazed ceramic look to a variety of hard surfaces. Three times as thick as other finishes, it provides a protective, non-yellowing coat that dries quickly and evenly. It goes on smoothly with no stroke marks. The finish adds the illusion of depth and resists cracking. Suitable for wood, wicker, plaster, papier mache, resins, painted china, pre-primed metal, pinecones, jewelry, bisque, artificial flowers and more.

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  • Jo Sonjas Textile Medium 250ml $26.80
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  • Winsor & Newton White Gesso $24.10 - $55.60

    This gesso is made from the highest quality acrylic resin. It has a superior level of pigmentation to give maximum covering power, so one coat is usually enough. It is fast drying and opaque and dries to give an excellent level of tooth and a balance absorbency. It dries to a non-yellowing, flexible ground suitable for acrylic oil and alkyd painting.

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