Papers: Decorative

  • Sakura Moss $7.95 Out of Stock

    Sakura, which means cherry blossom in Japanese, best describes this colorful floral paper with metallic gold accents. Adding to the Japanese look, the design is screenprinted on unryu paper from Thailand which is often referred to as Japanese rice paper, featuring strands of kozo fiber throughout.

    25" x 37", 27gsm, Machine Made, pH Neutral

  • White Daisy Lace $8.95 Out of Stock

    An intricate lace background peeks through this cheerful daisy design from Thailand. This paper's unique handmade texture adds a dimension beyond our traditional lightweight laces, creating a "canvas" for creativity by applying pastels, inks. Also an excellent choice for use in multi media such as collage, encaustic art, card making, rubber stamping and more.

    22" x 30", 60gsm, Handmade, pH Neutral

  • Embossed Leaves & Branches $14.50 Out of Stock

    Natural white paper, embossed with a leaf and branch pattern. A high quality paper with a thick embossing, this organic pattern has more of a cast paper feel and the detail is exquisite.

    22" x 30", 100gsm, Handmade, Acid-free

  • Layered Sisal

    These unique papers from Thailand feature natural fibers of sisal which have been layered between sheets of handmade mulberry paper to create unique designs.

    21" x 31" Handmade, Acidic

  • Cal Ling Autumn $11.80

    Multi-colored threads and chunks of fabric on a natural background.

    25" x 37" 65gsm, Machine Made, Acid Free

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  • Gossamer $19.95

    At only 25 gsm, this tree-free paper features a “gossamer veil” of delicate mulberry fibers, suspended like silken diaphanous webs between criss-crossed threads. Tattered edges add to its handmade beauty. Excellent for use in fine art collage or home decor projects. Or adhere it to a translucent substrate to let the light peak through the open weave pattern.

    21"x 30" 25gsm, Handmade, Acid Free

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  • White Pulp $14.00 Out of Stock

    Kozo Pulp is arranged in the shape of horizontal wavy lines and backed by cheesecloth.

    21" x 31" Machine Made, Acid Free

  • Stripe $5.40

    Colored mulberry (base layer) and tissue weight unryu (top layer) combine to create a striped paper perfect for almost anything.

    25" x 37" Machine Made

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  • Thai Mulberry $10.50

    25" x 37" 45gsm, Machine Made, Neutral pH 6.5 - 7.5

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  • Water Hyacinth $5.95 Out of Stock

    Inclusions of thinly sliced stems from the botanical water hyacinth, have been sprinkled throughout this interesting mulberry paper. Appearing as asymmetrical oval shapes, the hyacinth inclusions reveal an intricate wood-like detail, with some submerged into the paper and some fully exposed, giving incredible dimension. A light to medium weight paper, excellent for all paper arts.

    25" x 37" 35gsm, Machine Made, Neutral pH

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  • Thai Unryu $6.80

    Unryu, which translates to "cloud dragon paper" in Japanese, features long strands of kozo fiber which are characteristic of this lightweight paper from Thailand. Its translucent quality allows light to filter through, beautifully displaying each swirling fiber. An excellent choice for art applications such as collage, Chine Collé and for decorative purposes.

    25" x 37" 25gsm, Machine Made

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  • Light Papyrus $10.80 - $15.20

    This textured paper dating back to 2700 B.C. is formed by laying thin strips of papyrus plant stalk in horizontal and vertical (crosswise) layers. Each handmade sheet is unique and often features frayed edges adding to its handmade character. Its strength makes these papers ideal for painting, writing and drawing.

    Handmade, Neutral pH

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  • Flecked Papyrus $10.80 Out of Stock

    This textured paper dating back to 2700 B.C. is formed by laying thin strips of papyrus plant stalk in horizontal and vertical (crosswise) layers. Each handmade sheet is unique and often features frayed edges adding to its handmade character. Its strength makes these papers ideal for painting, writing and drawing.

    12" x 16" Handmade, Acid Free

  • Amate Bark, Marble $24.00

    Handmade by the Otomi artisans of Mexico, this beautiful amate paper is still created using the same methods that their Mesoamerican ancestors used 3000 years ago. Boiled and pounded from the bark of amate "wild fig" tree, xalama, jonote and mulberry trees, this acid free paper is a wonderful choice for fine art uses including acrylic or gouache paintings, ink and pastel drawings, stamping, blockprinting, bookmaking/bookbinding, and paper crafts. Due to the use of natural bark and the handmade process, each sheet is unique and will vary in shade, color, weight and pattern. Size is approximate, due to the deckle edges and drying process.

    15.5" x 23.5" Approx. 150gsm, Handmade, Acid Free

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  • Bodhi Leaves Gold on Blue $10.95 Out of Stock

    Richly colored lokta paper is “stamped” with gold metallic bodhi leaves to create a natural, beautiful effect.

    20" x 30"

  • Tufted Flowers $11.50

    The designs in this wonderful handmade paper have been hand “puckered” to create crinkled, flower-like shapes. In some areas, the flower design is less defined but remains consistent in texture, challenging the observer with a real play on the eyes. The reverse side of this paper has a debossed feel to it, adding to the interest of this unique lokta paper. Deckle edges add to the handmade look.

    20" x 30" 100gsm, Handmade

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  • Travertine $13.00 Out of Stock

    Travertine paper has a true architectural essence about it. The depth and texture of its recessions, combined with its "smooth as plaster" surface, uncannily mimics the character of travertine stone. Every hand made sheet is unique in its markings, each varying in texture and depth. Deckle edges add to this paper's handmade look. An excellent choice for art projects seeking a heavier paper.

    20" x 30" 250gsm, Handmade

  • Salago Orange Marmalade $14.60 Out of Stock

    This salago paper truly looks like orange marmalade! With visible, natural darker orange fibers and other natural inclusions scattered throughout, this is a fun, textured paper.

    26" x 37", Weight varies, Handmade, Acid-free

  • Leaves & String -natural $15.20 Out of Stock

    This tactile beauty is one of our most interesting Abaca papers. Inclusions of fossilized guyabano leaves, coconut husks and abaca pulp enhance the natural base of this paper. Wisps of raw abaca fiber strings are then layered on top for the finishing touch.

    23" x 35" 92gsm, Machine Made, Neutral pH

  • Woodgrain $15.00

    A greenish/brown woodgrain pattern is screen printed on top of a lighter cream base paper with greyish toned veins.

    20" x 28" Machine Made

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  • Spectra Pewter/Silver Blue/Black $8.50 Out of Stock

    This screenprinted “Spectra” design features matte metallic colors of pewter and silver-blue, the perfect compliments to the rich black base paper. Uses include papercrafting, cardmaking, fine art applications such as collage and more. Made in Italy

    22" x 30", 150gsm, Handmade

  • Enameled Natural Florentine $10.95 Out of Stock

    This Florentine inspired design is screenprinted in two rich colors, an enamel- finished black plus metallic gold for detailing. This combination is the perfect compliment to the warm natural colored cotton rag background. Subtle fiber inclusions create additional interest to this handmade paper. Made in Italy

    19.5" x 27.5", 80-100gsm, Handmade, 100% Cotton

  • Granite Thistle $2.00

    A lightly textured paper with a granite-like pattern, striking for use in all papercrafting. Lightweight, laser and inkjet compatible, this is an excellent choice to use for layering invitations, fine art collage or special book covers.

    21.5" x 30", 110gsm

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  • Pearlized Hibiscus $5.20

    Gorgeous, lightweight, iridescent paper shown here in rose.

    21.5" x 30", 63gsm

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