Brushes, Knives & Blenders: Natural Hair/Sable

  • Trekell Lettering Quill 8060 Brushes NZD $49.20 - $180.60
    Trekell’s Quill brush sports a six-inch handle for maximum maneuverability. When paired with this unique filament that mixes natural and synthetic squirrel hairs, you get a brush that glides across glass, making its marks effortlessly across smooth surfaces. But, it offers a ton of control, too, both in the amount of liquid it can soak up and disperse and the lines it can create. Letterers will love this one, but those with an open mind will find a lot to like, as well. Because, when you have a brush that’s all virtues, there are always a lot of projects that could use its expertise. Find out how a Quill can help you finish your masterpiece today.... more »
    5 items
  • Robert Simmons Sapphire Brushes NZD $7.00 - $79.40
    If you value the good pointing, color handling, spring, and smooth application of natural sable with the durability and value of synthetic brushes, the Sapphire line is for you. Handmade of the finest red Kolinsky hair and synthetic filaments, Sapphire brushes can be used with all media. They feature kiln-dried beechwood handles and precision engineered 22K gold-plated ferrules.... more »
    28 items
  • Calli-Sumi Brushes NZD $7.80 - $10.70
    Calli-Sumi brushes are made with coarse, stiff horse hair which gives a crisp touch. Each brush has been made to suit the demands of various styles of brush calligraphy and Sumi-e, an ancient syle of painting renowned for is simplicity, grace and beauty.... more »
    6 items
  • Yasutomo Hake Sheep Hair Brushes BH3 Hake NZD $2.50 - $8.30
    Yasutomo Hake brushes are unique, flat wide brushes ideal for applying media over large areas, or wash, sizing, glue and more. The flat handle and soft sheep hair give you excellent brush control. They are indispensable tools when working with delicate and absorbent Oriental papers and on art and craft projects.... more »
    5 items
  • Winsor & Newton Squirrel Brush NZD $41.70 - $201.10 11 items
  • Royal S900 Camel Hair Mop NZD $8.86 - $13.32 3 items
  • Risslon Brush S4660 Mop NZD $28.60 - $62.60 3 items
  • Mix Hair S656 Deerfoot Stippler NZD $5.80 - $15.20 4 items
  • Haydn Squirrel China Painting Brush NZD $6.50 - $14.30 3 items
  • Haydn S700F Brush NZD $6.45 - $10.15 3 items
  • Haydn S100L Brush NZD $9.10 - $34.20 4 items
  • Haydn S100 Brush NZD $6.90 - $166.50 13 items
  • Hair Brush Sm100 Chinese NZD $3.20 - $10.42 7 items
  • Hake Brush NZD $3.80 - $11.90 7 items
  • Escoda 1214 Travel Watercolour Brushes NZD $38.40 - $145.50 6 items
  • Escoda Reserva 1212 Round NZD $16.40 - $610.00
    Considered the elite hair for watercolor, Escoda selects only the best Kolinsky male sable hair for this brush. This hair comes from the Tajmyr region in very northern Siberia. Points perfectly and has an extraordinary capacity to retain liquids.... more »
    16 items
  • DAS S758 Mop NZD $12.20 - $40.99 5 items
  • DAS S225 Red Sable Round NZD $5.80 - $106.50 15 items
  • DAS S716 Goat Hair Brush NZD $1.50 - $6.70 4 items
  • DAS S3011 Squirrel Mop NZD $3.60 - $18.50 9 items
  • Black Goat S755 Oval Mop NZD $10.20 - $23.50 3 items
  • Art Spectrum Washmaster Brush NZD $86.90 - $153.40
    A Blend of soft squirrel and extra fine synthetic filaments. Black polished short handle with stainless steel ferrules. Excellent colour carrying capacity, for smooth, even washes. Holds it's shape to a 'razor-sharp' edge, providing remarkable control for drawing, cutting in etc.... more »
    3 items
  • Art Spectrum Sable Series 60 NZD $7.10 - $45.20 8 items
  • Art Spectrum Pure Sable Liner Brush NZD $28.40 - $43.40
    Very long pure red sable hair. Long polished black handle with nickel plated brass ferrule. The long sable hair makes this brush indispensable for long, flowing lines. A drawing brush suitable for thinned oils, acrylics, inks, gouache, watercolour etc.... more »
    3 items

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